Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just don't like mean teams.  I don't like how awful and rude Utah fans are (they are NASTY, I would bet they are right up with the worst in this nation.)  And, though my cousins will hate me for saying it, I don't like Boise State.  The team (not the fans) just are not nice players.

Something that doesn't make sense to me are the t-shirts that say, "I cheer for BYU and anyone who plays Utah" or "I cheer for Utah and anyone who plays BYU."  Seriously?  I don't know football too well, but I do know this, YOU CHEER FOR YOUR CONFERENCE, regardless if it is your rival or not.  Which is why BYU has no problems losing to UTAH this year, because the fact that a team from MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE is playing in the BCS is better for the entire conference than for one team to shine their glory of defeating the ultimate opponent.  As we left the stadium at the BYU vs. UTAH game this year, all we asked in return for the win was a big fat check.  Thanks Utah, we appreciate your hard work.

I will be cheering for Utah when they play in the sugar bowl.  Why would I do that?  I'm not a true blue fan through and through if I cheer for Utah?  Well, you obviously don't know your football, because the more mountain west conference teams that win, the more publicity and money the mountain west conference receives.  I love the rival of BYU vs. Utah, but the fact is that BYU fans LOVE BYU.  Utah fans HATE BYU... so much that, Utah fans hate for BYU outweighs their love for the U.... which is why they never root for BYU, even when it is in their best interest.

Which is one of the many reasons why I'm thrilled TCU won tonight at the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.  I sat in the presidents box with Peyton Manning (we go way back) and had an after-party with Ryan Seacrest, which, ironically, was told to me from my Boise State cousin and she never showed up.  It's ok, Ryan, my dad and I had a great time talking about the 2 interceptions made by TCU within the remaining 2 minutes of the game, to secure the 17-16 score for this year.

Go Mountain West.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creepy Millionaires

Last week my work had a end-of-the-year function. I work at a hospital trying to raise money to expand. At this event we had a mixture of wealthy donors, hospital employees, and friends of the hospital.

I had heard about one man, who has a LOT of money, that was going to be at the event that night. I heard creepy, I mean, CREEP CREEP McCREEPIN stories about this man, hitting on women, who was married. All the nurses in the hospital know who this man is, and all the women in our staff were to look out for each other when this man arrived.

I saw him as he came in, he was recognizable by what he was wearing. He blew kisses at me as I checked him in, HIS WIFE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Creep.

Later on, he came up to the table again and proceeds to tell me how beautiful and stunning I am. He then asked if I was married. I quickly changed my ring from the middle finger to the ring finger and said, "Oh yes, he is a VERY lucky man." He got a look of disappointment on his face and goes, "Oh, if you weren't married, I'd have to cheat on my wife," and proceeds to blow kisses at me. Gross.

Meanwhile, my co-worker sees him talking to me and sends one of our volunteers over to save me. As this man proceeds to tell me how stunning and beautiful I am, and how he wants to cheat forgetting the fact that HE HIMSELF is married... I tell him, "Oh no, you're wife is lovely. You wouldn't do that," our volunteer walks by, whispers, "Walk away..." and then boldly shakes this mans hand and says, "Hi, I haven't met you yet...." and I get up and walk away.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Buttoned Notebook

I was out shopping for some stuff for my work today at Target, when I had remembered an incident the night before when I was looking for my "whatever notebook" I keep with my at all times for any thoughts, ideas, quotes, or to-do lists I have to jot down, went missing.  I went into the notebook section and found a relatively cheap, and very cute notebook that I debated buying over a 2009 year planner- but I didn't know if I needed the planner or not, blah blah blah, I decided to get really cute square brown notebook with varied buttons sewed onto the top of it.  I'm not going to have many cute things while on my mission!

Anyways, I was in line buying this notebook, a fuze water to calm my chocolate craving, and some ribbon I had to buy for work.  The lady in front of me makes a comment of how cute the notebook was, and it was such a great idea.  Then she proceeds to say more than I believe she intended to with just a few words, "I can't believe people make a profit off of that."

She mind as well have said, "I can't believe you're stupid enough to buy that."

I just kindly responded, "For those of us who can't sew, this works just great."

She responded, "Then glue it on."

Do you ever feel like some people could have just responded to things better, even if they have all the information, do you ever feel like if it is something worth while saying, and if it is something that can help someone else, they always manage to send the message in a way that makes you feel like an idiot or is demeaning to you?

Part of me knew this lady was right, I could make a notebook that looked like this myself.  But it wouldn't have that pretty brown ribbon that tied it together, or the bookmark, or the tightly sewed buttons on front that are probably glued on as well.

It's too bad I never inherited the art genes of Kathy Steimle.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I love infomercials. They make me smile. They make me want things I would never want in a store. It's amazing what an hour of advertising will do to a product.

The first time I bought something from an infomercial, I was about 8 or 10 years old. I saved up all my money for $19.99 (plus shipping and handeling) for BEAD MAGIC. That's right, beads in my hair, MAGIC. Both my sister and I wanted it so bad, we both saved up for it and got it. I remember calling in for it, scared to death they would know I wasn't over 18 ("You must be 18 or over to call") and felt so stealth that I tricked them.

Recently I've been searching for some dance-exercise videos so I wouldn't have to dread the treadmill every morning. I mean, I love SWEATIN' TO THE OLDIES, but after you have all the routines memorized, it gets kind of repetative.

Last Sunday morning, while still on Italy time, I was up early watching, yes, informercials. I saw the perfect dance video, for latin dancing, looked like so much fun, it showed success stories of people losing weight, blah blah blah... I had to have it for only 3 easy payments of $19.99 (a $150 dollar value!! What a STEAL!)

I know it was Sunday, but I had to get it. What if I never saw the commercial again? There was no opportunity for me to just wait until Monday to call or check out their website people, seriously, it had to be done right then.

I jumped on the phone, ordered the DVD's, and was waiting for commercial after commercial on the phone for my summary of payment and when I would be receiving my super awesome latin-dancing videos that were going to slim me down! But commercial after commercial was all I heard, "And for only $70 more, you could receive our extended version of SWING dancing!" (ok, as much as I love swing dancing, this was slightly tempting, not going to lie every ad was. ) "For only $20, you can get our savings book of coupons that could save you up to $50 in gas!! It pays for itself!!!!!" (Another temptation, I might ad. But I figured, I was only breaking the sabbath for what I had wanted, even though the others sounded so good to make me broke.) After about 20 minutes of on-the-phone ads, I decided to hang up, if they didn't send me the package, it's ok I would have saved myself 3 easy payments of $19.99.

A week later it came in the mail, I start dancing, having a ball in my bedroom... until I realize that everything the instructors are doing are totally improv. The backround dancers don't know whats going on. They go so fast that you don't know what to do, you're doing a ball-and-chain, rumba, chumba, mumba, lumba, sumba, all in three dance moves in about 5 seconds and I'm holding my breathe, keeping my abs tight, seeing my face in the mirror turn blue, and then fall flat on my bed. I continue watching the video, I couldn't believe I had spent so much money on these dang DVDs. I would have a better time on the treadmill (I thought I'd never admit to it) watching a dvd from netflix or just turning on the radio and dancing around in my room to my own jams.

Today I called to find out what I needed to do to return it, and I realized what kind of people usually buy from infomercials.

"Due to the high popularity of the core rhythms, our lines are full. To get faster service visit our website at......"
Oh, wait, core rhythms is THIS popular? Maybe I should keep it. Maybe I should still try it out. Maybe I should go online and see how amazing this product is again before I return it...
"Hi, this is Charles. Can I have your order number please?"
"I don't know that, but I can give you the number the previous operator gave me to give to..."
"Yeah, THAT'S the order number."
"Ok... my bad..."
"Ok, what can I do for you?"
"I'd like to return the videos I received yesterday."
"I just don't want them anymore."
"If I gave you 50% off, would you still return them, it would only cost you $35 instead of the initial payment you already paid."

... Wait a second, so if I call back in threatening to return something, you mean I can get it for CHEAPER?? Dude, I wish every one knew this instead of paying for those high price informercials! They just want anything they can get! Another temptation I might add, but I had to stick to my plan... it was a waste of money all around.

"No, I'd like to return it, thank you."
"You are aware that the shipping charge is non-refundable and you will be paying between $25-$30 on returning the DVD's back to us, don't you?"

Last time I paid that much in shipping, I was sending a very large package to my friend in Argentina. And, last time I checked, DVD's qualify for MEDIA MAIL- about $3.

"Yes. What do I need to do to return the DVD's."
"Really? Ok..." (utter and deep shock on his side that someone intelligent saw that his script was beyond bogus enough to not believe a word he was saying.)

Infomercials, we have a love-hate relationship.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wonder why there's fires in LA?

Well, you thought God was going to just sit around and watch people picket and vandalize his house?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why the hate?

"Love not H8"

"No on 8 end hate"

Interesting enough, these are signs held by protestors outside of the LDS Temple in Los Angeles. Yes, it's obvious that they are mad the 54% of California decided to define marriage between a man and a woman. But really, do they honestly believe that 54% of California are Mormons?

So, if the LDS church does happen to be the biggest provider towards the "Yes on 8" campaign, and if prop 8 did not pass, I'm pretty sure the "yes on 8" campaign would not parading around every McDonalds in the state or outside of Brad Pitt's home with signs that are hateful and mean towards gays and lesbians. Because, we know that McD's and Mr. Jolie-Pitt are huge contributers to the NO ON 8 campaign. Currently I am boycotting both McDs and Pitt movies because of their obvious stance, but am I parading the streets with hate?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints life with constant persecution, as a lot of other members of other churches do. The LDS rarely ever takes a political stance on anything. They do not back any candidate in any election. They remain neutral through politics... until it puts the sanctity of family in danger. Which is why, on this rare occasion, the LDS church backed a proposition that defends a moral cause that is so dear and precious to their beliefs in family.

The LDS church, in no way, has displayed any act of hate, violence or harrassment to those in opposition of the church. The church has made a point to be respectful of both sides, and made sure that the members do the same.

So, explain to me, why is it that there is so much hate towards the LDS church for supporting such a proposition? Because the church comes out of their neutral stance once every blue moon and says, "This is important. We need to be in supportive of this proposition," and it actually passes? Because on other propositions, there obviously isn't one group to target for blame, but for this one there is, so they jump on that bandwagon right away. There's obviously only one group to blame for this passing.

I have seen more acts of intolerance and hate from those "fighting against interolerance and hate" than those who are fighting for marriage to be defined as between one man and one woman.

Notice, it's also ONE man, and ONE woman. So does this display discrimination towards those who believe in having more than one wife as well? I don't see anyone trying to support bigamy? There are reasons why there are regulations for marriage, and there multiple groups that marriage can not be applied to, so why is it that the "LDS church is only directed towards hating those that are gay?"

It honestly breaks my heart and makes me so upset at the same time that people can be such hypocrits. Seriously. I can not understand how people are acting this way towards the church, any church be it that. It does not make any logical sense whatsoever. I see that people are mad it did pass. If it didn't, I would be upset but I would live with it. I probably would send my children to a private school, and if my religious rights were violated there I would home school. I have never been good with words at all, this is not an exception to that because I can not describe my anger and frustrations to such a group that would display such acts of hate. If it were the Jews that supported it and "got it passed" this would be defined as an act of hate and discrimination. Why can't they see they are hypocrits of their own stance? IT WAS THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA THAT DECIDED TO DEFINE MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN, NOT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS.

I'm finding these people to be more unintelligent as time goes by. If this does get appealed, how are we ever supposed to put forth faith and trust into our democratic government. Seriously people.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I guess I grew a foot or two since primary...

Maybe I haven't grown a foot or two since primary, but they called me on a mission anyways!  I guess height doesn't make a difference anymore, but the song is still fun to sing for primary kids.  Heck, I still love singing it.

I've been called to serve in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission and report to the Provo MTC on Janurary 14, 2009.  I will be speaking spanish.

I had no idea where I was going, I was hoping for England, kind of thinking I would get called to a temple mission in America, and never expecting something in South America.  When I was first deciding if I wanted to serve a mission, I said, "If I get called to a third world country, that's God telling me I'm not supposed to go on a mission."  When I heard my call, that thought didn't even cross my mind.  I was just like, "Paraguay, I'm going to be in Paraguay for about 15-16 months (in the MTC for about 2 or 3).  There was no question that I was going or not.  It was told to me like it was just a fact of my life, like, "Duh, of course you're going to Paraguay.  You thought you were going somewhere else?"

My mom cried on the phone, and I can't blame her.  Her two daughters serving missions in South America, and her two sons serving in the states.  It just doesn't seem fair to her, does it?  She really wanted me to get called to the states, like Arizona or Temple Square.  My dad was just laughing when he read the call on the phone (I was in Italy when it came and couldn't wait to get home to open it).

That's another cool thing, it's the same area my dad served in when he went on a mission.

One thing I'm having a hard time accepting is the outfits.  Guys have it so easy, slacks, shirt, tie, they're set.  Girls?  Oh no, not only will it be hard finding me clothes, but I will guarantee you I will be the ugliest missionary in the field.  That sounds so superficial, and maybe it is.  But you see;
1. I've worn eyeliner every day since jr high, so much that it is a part of how I look, that if I want to fake sick a day, all I have to do is not wear eyeliner and people go, "Oh Kelsy... you look terrible!"  (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not haha)
2.  Have you seen what sister missionaries are required to wear?  Nothing flattering, and by all means I understand why.  But isn't that why guys wear suits and ties, so they are a good representation of the church?  I'm afraid that because of what I wear, I won't care how I look and therefore won't be the best representative I can possibly be.

To put it short, I think the outfits are hideous.  But I gotta suck it up cause that's what I'll be wearing for a year and a half!

I'm VERY excited to learn spanish and excited to experience something new.  I thought being in Italy made me grateful for America, but being in the poorest country in S. America for year and a half will make my gratitude beyond anything I had being in Italy.  

I'm so excited!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Voting YES on Prop 8

All over the country, people are deciding who they should vote for president.  In California, there's a whole other battlefield being fought that the rest of the country doesn't see.  It's called... Prop 8.
California, a democratic state (and I really mean that, almost everyone here is liberal), was asked to vote on Prop 22 about 8 years ago on what the definition of marriage was.  61% of voters in California agreed with the already set definition, that marriage is defined between a man and a woman.
A lot of people are arguing now, "Well, 61% was only 1.4 million voters of 14 million people in California, so that doesn't show what all of California really wants."  Honestly?  That view just shoves your own foot in your mouth... cause if you didn't vote, then stop complaining.  You did nothing to take charge of what you believe in.  That goes with anything.  You don't like the current president?  Well, wait a minute, you didn't vote in the last election?  Your opinion has no validity then.  You didn't vote.
Now, 61% of voters in California defined marriage between a man and a woman.  Earlier this year 4, count them, FOUR judges overturned the ruling of the people on the definition of marriage.  Now, forget just a minute about the whole idea of what this prop is over.  Think about anything that was voted on by the people, a majority of any state, and then FOUR peoples views overturn a majority of the states?  Um, abuse of power... maybe?  I can only imagine George Washington rolling over in his grave at the thought of it.
A lot of people have heard how that this effects the children, and don't really understand it quite yet.  Massachusetts is a state where same-sex marriage is also allowed; this video displays what happened when two parents were concerned over their sons education about same-sex marriage in school, and how they had no rights to keep him from learning about it: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1815820715?bctid=1822459319.  Think it won't happen here?  Just this past week a first grade class in San Francisco took a field trip to city hall to see their lesbian teacher marry her girlfriend.
Prop 8 in no way conflicts with the lifestyles of those who decide which orientation they belong to.  In no way is it an "anti-gay/lesbian" law that is trying to be passed.  I know people who are gay, I grew up with them.  I cherish my friendship with them deeply.  I do not condone what they are doing, but how many times do we condone everything that everyone else does?  They are still my friends, and I still want them to be happy.  What this law being passed clearly states, "The definition of marriage is between a man and a woman."  What proponents of prop 8 are trying to do is protect the sanctity of marriage, between a man and a woman.  This is a definition known throughout the world since the beginning of time.  It does not take away any rights from gay or lesbian domestic partners.  They can already enjoy the benefits of marriage, the California Family Code states, "domestic partners shall have all the rights, protections and benefits of married spouses."  There are NO exceptions to this and prop 8 is not trying to take that away.
How does this effect me?  SO MANY WAYS!!!  I'll name a couple.  Number 1: Take for example the adoption services in Massachusetts run by the Catholic church.  Because of the catholic faith, they would not use adoption services for same-sex couples.  The courts ruled that they could not do this, based on discrimination.  Thus, they removed their adoption program in the state of Massachusetts.  How does this effect me?  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and all my life have dreamed of being married in the San Diego Temple in La Jolla, California.  Only worthy members of the church can enter into the temple.  The first chance a gay/lesbian couple has to try and get married in the temple (or any temple), fail, and sue the church for discrimination, that will ensure that there will be no more marriages performed in the LDS temples in the state of California.  Yes, it means that much to me.  It is a sacred blessing to be able to be married into a temple, and while there are temples all around the world, I was raised going to that one.  That is the one I will be married in.
In Vista, California, a doctor refused to give a lesbian couple vitro fertilization because it violated his religious beliefs.  The court ruled against him, saying the womans rights to medical treatments trumped his religious beliefs, and that maybe he should take up a different line of business.
Children have a right to have a mother AND a father.  They have a right to be raised by the very two people that have brought them into this world.  Please read this article (may I also add, written by a Californian, liberal democrat that writes for the LA times... seriously) www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-blankenhorn19-2008sep19,0,2093869.story
It is very interesting, and I agree with him completely.  I am in no way trying to show intolerance, by any means, of gay/lesbian couples.  But for the sake of the children, to know and have a sound understanding of what marriage is.  Changing the definition of marriage to accomodate homosexuality further undermines marriages most distinctive contribution to society.  The right of the child.
If you, in any way, have read this and thought that I was intolerant of gays, you have misunderstood everything that I have stated.  I'm trying to make an awareness of what prop 8 is, and let people know that there are serious consequences that effect everyone, it is not just about love.  
I've been blogging about this on facebook, trying to get the word out.  After a broadcast to the young adults this past week, almost everyone did the same thing.  It has become a war zone on facebook.  I have seen nothing but positive, serious and intellectual thought from those who are in favor of prop 8 and nothing but hostile, rude and offensive remarks from those in opposition.  It hurts me to see that people can be so rude and really try to make you feel like a horrible person for sticking up for what you believe in.  Yesterday in Modesto, a man handing out "yes on prop 8" yard signs was assaulted and sent to the hospital.
When the topic came up at work, I discussed it with a co-worked who them proceeded to yell at me and make me regret even speaking about it.  She later on apologized and said she respected that I stand up for what I believe in, yet at the same time I knew I could never again voice my opinion in the office, because I was the only one there and no one else to back me up.
It really has become a battlefield, and that's all we talk about.  What we are doing to help the progress of prop 8, how we're moving along, what is the ward doing, making sure we get people registered to vote by the 20th.  It's totally serious business out here.  I just hope people realize and really study before they vote.  I'm honestly scared if this prop does not pass.  California effects the ENTIRE country.  Who knows what will happen next.  From previous court cases, we can do more than just imagine.

If you would like to help contribute to the "Yes on 8" campaign or receive further information, please go to: PROTECTMARRIAGE.COM

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got a little YOUTUBE happy...

These are from Nickeodeon, I was a bigger fan of Disney, but there were a few shoes on this channel I liked a lot as I got older.

I got scared of this one, but for some reason being with my older siblings while watching this show as a kid made me feel like a big kid, even if that meant I had to spend the night on the floor by my moms bed!

As kids, we used to guess the title of every show by the end of the theme song. What I didn't know was that my older brother always won because he already saw all the episodes.

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Mmmmmmhmmmmm! I do I do I do I doo-ooo.

The crazy kid with the football-shaped head

The infamous Zach Miller cell phone...

Lamb Chops

Along with Thomas the train, Mr. Rogers and, of course... The babysitters club- it made everyone want to create a club like it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Classic Memories

So my mac has issues with youtube and blogspot, it took a while to get these videos on here. TV shows that were a part of my youth and if I can find them on DVD one day, they'll be the only things my kids watch. You'll be able to age me by the timing of the shows.

This show was my all-time favorite, I would watch it every morning before grade school. I remember waking up one morning and "Chip n Dales- Rescue Rangers" was on. I freaked out and went storming into my moms bedroom, "Mom!! Mom!! We're late for school!!" And then she told me we weren't, and that for some reason Disney channel must have changed the time of "Adventures in Wonderland" to another time of the week. I swear I watched the disney channel a straight week just waiting for it to come back on, and it never did. I was devastated!

Whenever I hear "dashing" I can't help but bust out to the rest of this tune.

Every day after school this was my show to watch....

...along with this one.

And these are cartoons that were good, clean, and fun to watch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"That's SO Nor Cal"

My mom and I were talking today about the sayings "Nor Cal" or "So Cal" and how apparantly there's this rival between the two, but "So Cal" doesn't even know about it... let alone do southern Californians ever refer to themselves as being from "So Cal".

My question was, do North Dakota and South Dakota refer to themselves as "Nor Dak" or "So Dak" or even Texas? "Nor Tex, So Tex"... Sounds ridiculous, I know.

Now I have a question, what do you call someone from New Mexico?  Think about it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wait a second, I thought she was...

...going to culinary school?  This seems like the question of the year- wait, century.  I don't know how many times I've been asked the same question.  I'm sure this is the thought running through many peoples minds when they hear about me no longer being in Utah and no longer attending culinary school.  So, real quick, here's my story, ok, so it might not be quick, I'll just simplify it for ya

1. In high school I planned on going to Le Cordon Bleu in California- I was going to be a chef.
2. I went to a scholarship interview that changed my direction- I was to get a degree not a certificate.
3. I decided to go to BYU to enjoy freshman year at college and have fun, and planned on transferring to UVSC after for culinary school.
4. Sophomore year I transferred to UVSC (now UVU) and attended culinary school for little over a quarter (1st quarter was baking, 2nd was cooking) and I realized I had so much fun baking, but then my cooking professor made me realized, I don't want the lifestyle of a chef.  I don't want to be working when everyone else is playing, because chefs work nights, weekends and holidays.  All my professors decided they wanted to teach because their family lives were on the line, and I couldn't handle a job like that.
5. I decided that I would save the money I could and come home, I was tired of being in Utah anyways.  Don't get me wrong, I had fun, it was just my time to go.
6. So I've been spending this past summer trying to play catch-up with my generals in order to get my AA before I go on a mission. I should have it by now, but I only took a grand total of 18 credits all freshman year and played all day and night so... I'm one online course away from obtaining it.  Anyone want to get paid to do college algebra for me? ;)
7. That's my story.

Done with singles wards!! ... at least for now

Every sunday I become hopeful for the 2PM sacrament meeting as my family goes to the 9AM family ward.  I know what to expect at the family ward, every once and a while it'll be go a little weird, but for the most part I end of being with people I like and learning more.

Not so much for the singles ward.

Every sunday it's a struggle for me as I hope to go and get something out of it.  At first I was a little hesitant to be going to church with everyone from high school, I just wasn't that into it.  Then I realized that it's actually cool.  But there's a downside... 

1. The talks that don't mean a thing.  Don't get me wrong, we're not here to be judgmental.  But 9 out of 10 meetings I go to, I really hope there's not an investigator there.  I can just imagine what they're thinking, 
"Yeah, I went to the Mormon church once, and it was like I was in an english class- they kept telling me how to say things and how it was grammatically incorrect."

2. Is it wrong that I feel like I would be benefit more for going out into the courtyard and reading my scriptures for 45 minutes once a month? ...
"So, they call it their '15 minutes of fame' meeting... I guess they do it once a month.  You cry, tell stories, sometimes it's like a confession, and everyone stares at you... feeling awkward.  I guess it's cool... if you're into that."

3. No wonder people confuse us with the FLDS.  We only do it to ourselves.
"There was this meeting with a whole bunch of girls and they kept on talking about marriage and how one day everyone will be good enough for it.  Um, I'm like, 13."

For the most part, I think people have the right intentions, have a good heart and really don't intend to send off a message that for the most part, they send out.  

Everyone knows its awkward and so they continue to act awkward, and there comes a point when you can only ask and answer these questions so many times, 
"Where ya from? Whats your major?  Where do you work? Wanttogoonadategetmarriedandhavebabies?"  
"I'm sorry, what was the last thing you said?" 
"Oh, sorry for the mumbling, do you like sushi?"