Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got a little YOUTUBE happy...

These are from Nickeodeon, I was a bigger fan of Disney, but there were a few shoes on this channel I liked a lot as I got older.

I got scared of this one, but for some reason being with my older siblings while watching this show as a kid made me feel like a big kid, even if that meant I had to spend the night on the floor by my moms bed!

As kids, we used to guess the title of every show by the end of the theme song. What I didn't know was that my older brother always won because he already saw all the episodes.

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Mmmmmmhmmmmm! I do I do I do I doo-ooo.

The crazy kid with the football-shaped head

The infamous Zach Miller cell phone...

Lamb Chops

Along with Thomas the train, Mr. Rogers and, of course... The babysitters club- it made everyone want to create a club like it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Classic Memories

So my mac has issues with youtube and blogspot, it took a while to get these videos on here. TV shows that were a part of my youth and if I can find them on DVD one day, they'll be the only things my kids watch. You'll be able to age me by the timing of the shows.

This show was my all-time favorite, I would watch it every morning before grade school. I remember waking up one morning and "Chip n Dales- Rescue Rangers" was on. I freaked out and went storming into my moms bedroom, "Mom!! Mom!! We're late for school!!" And then she told me we weren't, and that for some reason Disney channel must have changed the time of "Adventures in Wonderland" to another time of the week. I swear I watched the disney channel a straight week just waiting for it to come back on, and it never did. I was devastated!

Whenever I hear "dashing" I can't help but bust out to the rest of this tune.

Every day after school this was my show to watch....

...along with this one.

And these are cartoons that were good, clean, and fun to watch.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"That's SO Nor Cal"

My mom and I were talking today about the sayings "Nor Cal" or "So Cal" and how apparantly there's this rival between the two, but "So Cal" doesn't even know about it... let alone do southern Californians ever refer to themselves as being from "So Cal".

My question was, do North Dakota and South Dakota refer to themselves as "Nor Dak" or "So Dak" or even Texas? "Nor Tex, So Tex"... Sounds ridiculous, I know.

Now I have a question, what do you call someone from New Mexico?  Think about it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wait a second, I thought she was...

...going to culinary school?  This seems like the question of the year- wait, century.  I don't know how many times I've been asked the same question.  I'm sure this is the thought running through many peoples minds when they hear about me no longer being in Utah and no longer attending culinary school.  So, real quick, here's my story, ok, so it might not be quick, I'll just simplify it for ya

1. In high school I planned on going to Le Cordon Bleu in California- I was going to be a chef.
2. I went to a scholarship interview that changed my direction- I was to get a degree not a certificate.
3. I decided to go to BYU to enjoy freshman year at college and have fun, and planned on transferring to UVSC after for culinary school.
4. Sophomore year I transferred to UVSC (now UVU) and attended culinary school for little over a quarter (1st quarter was baking, 2nd was cooking) and I realized I had so much fun baking, but then my cooking professor made me realized, I don't want the lifestyle of a chef.  I don't want to be working when everyone else is playing, because chefs work nights, weekends and holidays.  All my professors decided they wanted to teach because their family lives were on the line, and I couldn't handle a job like that.
5. I decided that I would save the money I could and come home, I was tired of being in Utah anyways.  Don't get me wrong, I had fun, it was just my time to go.
6. So I've been spending this past summer trying to play catch-up with my generals in order to get my AA before I go on a mission. I should have it by now, but I only took a grand total of 18 credits all freshman year and played all day and night so... I'm one online course away from obtaining it.  Anyone want to get paid to do college algebra for me? ;)
7. That's my story.

Done with singles wards!! ... at least for now

Every sunday I become hopeful for the 2PM sacrament meeting as my family goes to the 9AM family ward.  I know what to expect at the family ward, every once and a while it'll be go a little weird, but for the most part I end of being with people I like and learning more.

Not so much for the singles ward.

Every sunday it's a struggle for me as I hope to go and get something out of it.  At first I was a little hesitant to be going to church with everyone from high school, I just wasn't that into it.  Then I realized that it's actually cool.  But there's a downside... 

1. The talks that don't mean a thing.  Don't get me wrong, we're not here to be judgmental.  But 9 out of 10 meetings I go to, I really hope there's not an investigator there.  I can just imagine what they're thinking, 
"Yeah, I went to the Mormon church once, and it was like I was in an english class- they kept telling me how to say things and how it was grammatically incorrect."

2. Is it wrong that I feel like I would be benefit more for going out into the courtyard and reading my scriptures for 45 minutes once a month? ...
"So, they call it their '15 minutes of fame' meeting... I guess they do it once a month.  You cry, tell stories, sometimes it's like a confession, and everyone stares at you... feeling awkward.  I guess it's cool... if you're into that."

3. No wonder people confuse us with the FLDS.  We only do it to ourselves.
"There was this meeting with a whole bunch of girls and they kept on talking about marriage and how one day everyone will be good enough for it.  Um, I'm like, 13."

For the most part, I think people have the right intentions, have a good heart and really don't intend to send off a message that for the most part, they send out.  

Everyone knows its awkward and so they continue to act awkward, and there comes a point when you can only ask and answer these questions so many times, 
"Where ya from? Whats your major?  Where do you work? Wanttogoonadategetmarriedandhavebabies?"  
"I'm sorry, what was the last thing you said?" 
"Oh, sorry for the mumbling, do you like sushi?"