Saturday, August 16, 2008

Classic Memories

So my mac has issues with youtube and blogspot, it took a while to get these videos on here. TV shows that were a part of my youth and if I can find them on DVD one day, they'll be the only things my kids watch. You'll be able to age me by the timing of the shows.

This show was my all-time favorite, I would watch it every morning before grade school. I remember waking up one morning and "Chip n Dales- Rescue Rangers" was on. I freaked out and went storming into my moms bedroom, "Mom!! Mom!! We're late for school!!" And then she told me we weren't, and that for some reason Disney channel must have changed the time of "Adventures in Wonderland" to another time of the week. I swear I watched the disney channel a straight week just waiting for it to come back on, and it never did. I was devastated!

Whenever I hear "dashing" I can't help but bust out to the rest of this tune.

Every day after school this was my show to watch....

...along with this one.

And these are cartoons that were good, clean, and fun to watch.


  1. Those are great memories. They are touching. They are tender. I especially like that I am so important to you and I can honestly say that I had no idea that you attribute all your beauty and success to me...but thanks for the memories.