Monday, August 11, 2008

"That's SO Nor Cal"

My mom and I were talking today about the sayings "Nor Cal" or "So Cal" and how apparantly there's this rival between the two, but "So Cal" doesn't even know about it... let alone do southern Californians ever refer to themselves as being from "So Cal".

My question was, do North Dakota and South Dakota refer to themselves as "Nor Dak" or "So Dak" or even Texas? "Nor Tex, So Tex"... Sounds ridiculous, I know.

Now I have a question, what do you call someone from New Mexico?  Think about it.

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  1. That is hilarious because it's so true. I'm from NoCal and lived in LA for years before moving back and no one was aware of the rivalry down there- that NoCal is pissed because they steal our water but LA has no clue. I mean, they pay for it. I love them both for different reasons. Oh yeah, I'm here from Robin's blogroll on her sidebar and I liked your title-