Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Voting YES on Prop 8

All over the country, people are deciding who they should vote for president.  In California, there's a whole other battlefield being fought that the rest of the country doesn't see.  It's called... Prop 8.
California, a democratic state (and I really mean that, almost everyone here is liberal), was asked to vote on Prop 22 about 8 years ago on what the definition of marriage was.  61% of voters in California agreed with the already set definition, that marriage is defined between a man and a woman.
A lot of people are arguing now, "Well, 61% was only 1.4 million voters of 14 million people in California, so that doesn't show what all of California really wants."  Honestly?  That view just shoves your own foot in your mouth... cause if you didn't vote, then stop complaining.  You did nothing to take charge of what you believe in.  That goes with anything.  You don't like the current president?  Well, wait a minute, you didn't vote in the last election?  Your opinion has no validity then.  You didn't vote.
Now, 61% of voters in California defined marriage between a man and a woman.  Earlier this year 4, count them, FOUR judges overturned the ruling of the people on the definition of marriage.  Now, forget just a minute about the whole idea of what this prop is over.  Think about anything that was voted on by the people, a majority of any state, and then FOUR peoples views overturn a majority of the states?  Um, abuse of power... maybe?  I can only imagine George Washington rolling over in his grave at the thought of it.
A lot of people have heard how that this effects the children, and don't really understand it quite yet.  Massachusetts is a state where same-sex marriage is also allowed; this video displays what happened when two parents were concerned over their sons education about same-sex marriage in school, and how they had no rights to keep him from learning about it: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1815820715?bctid=1822459319.  Think it won't happen here?  Just this past week a first grade class in San Francisco took a field trip to city hall to see their lesbian teacher marry her girlfriend.
Prop 8 in no way conflicts with the lifestyles of those who decide which orientation they belong to.  In no way is it an "anti-gay/lesbian" law that is trying to be passed.  I know people who are gay, I grew up with them.  I cherish my friendship with them deeply.  I do not condone what they are doing, but how many times do we condone everything that everyone else does?  They are still my friends, and I still want them to be happy.  What this law being passed clearly states, "The definition of marriage is between a man and a woman."  What proponents of prop 8 are trying to do is protect the sanctity of marriage, between a man and a woman.  This is a definition known throughout the world since the beginning of time.  It does not take away any rights from gay or lesbian domestic partners.  They can already enjoy the benefits of marriage, the California Family Code states, "domestic partners shall have all the rights, protections and benefits of married spouses."  There are NO exceptions to this and prop 8 is not trying to take that away.
How does this effect me?  SO MANY WAYS!!!  I'll name a couple.  Number 1: Take for example the adoption services in Massachusetts run by the Catholic church.  Because of the catholic faith, they would not use adoption services for same-sex couples.  The courts ruled that they could not do this, based on discrimination.  Thus, they removed their adoption program in the state of Massachusetts.  How does this effect me?  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and all my life have dreamed of being married in the San Diego Temple in La Jolla, California.  Only worthy members of the church can enter into the temple.  The first chance a gay/lesbian couple has to try and get married in the temple (or any temple), fail, and sue the church for discrimination, that will ensure that there will be no more marriages performed in the LDS temples in the state of California.  Yes, it means that much to me.  It is a sacred blessing to be able to be married into a temple, and while there are temples all around the world, I was raised going to that one.  That is the one I will be married in.
In Vista, California, a doctor refused to give a lesbian couple vitro fertilization because it violated his religious beliefs.  The court ruled against him, saying the womans rights to medical treatments trumped his religious beliefs, and that maybe he should take up a different line of business.
Children have a right to have a mother AND a father.  They have a right to be raised by the very two people that have brought them into this world.  Please read this article (may I also add, written by a Californian, liberal democrat that writes for the LA times... seriously) www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-blankenhorn19-2008sep19,0,2093869.story
It is very interesting, and I agree with him completely.  I am in no way trying to show intolerance, by any means, of gay/lesbian couples.  But for the sake of the children, to know and have a sound understanding of what marriage is.  Changing the definition of marriage to accomodate homosexuality further undermines marriages most distinctive contribution to society.  The right of the child.
If you, in any way, have read this and thought that I was intolerant of gays, you have misunderstood everything that I have stated.  I'm trying to make an awareness of what prop 8 is, and let people know that there are serious consequences that effect everyone, it is not just about love.  
I've been blogging about this on facebook, trying to get the word out.  After a broadcast to the young adults this past week, almost everyone did the same thing.  It has become a war zone on facebook.  I have seen nothing but positive, serious and intellectual thought from those who are in favor of prop 8 and nothing but hostile, rude and offensive remarks from those in opposition.  It hurts me to see that people can be so rude and really try to make you feel like a horrible person for sticking up for what you believe in.  Yesterday in Modesto, a man handing out "yes on prop 8" yard signs was assaulted and sent to the hospital.
When the topic came up at work, I discussed it with a co-worked who them proceeded to yell at me and make me regret even speaking about it.  She later on apologized and said she respected that I stand up for what I believe in, yet at the same time I knew I could never again voice my opinion in the office, because I was the only one there and no one else to back me up.
It really has become a battlefield, and that's all we talk about.  What we are doing to help the progress of prop 8, how we're moving along, what is the ward doing, making sure we get people registered to vote by the 20th.  It's totally serious business out here.  I just hope people realize and really study before they vote.  I'm honestly scared if this prop does not pass.  California effects the ENTIRE country.  Who knows what will happen next.  From previous court cases, we can do more than just imagine.

If you would like to help contribute to the "Yes on 8" campaign or receive further information, please go to: PROTECTMARRIAGE.COM


  1. Go Kelsy! Yay! Keep up your efforts. I would be right by your side if I lived in CA.

  2. Good for you Kelsey! I think you presented your views very clearly here! I am with you in spirit and would be with you in the voting booth if I lived there!