Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I love infomercials. They make me smile. They make me want things I would never want in a store. It's amazing what an hour of advertising will do to a product.

The first time I bought something from an infomercial, I was about 8 or 10 years old. I saved up all my money for $19.99 (plus shipping and handeling) for BEAD MAGIC. That's right, beads in my hair, MAGIC. Both my sister and I wanted it so bad, we both saved up for it and got it. I remember calling in for it, scared to death they would know I wasn't over 18 ("You must be 18 or over to call") and felt so stealth that I tricked them.

Recently I've been searching for some dance-exercise videos so I wouldn't have to dread the treadmill every morning. I mean, I love SWEATIN' TO THE OLDIES, but after you have all the routines memorized, it gets kind of repetative.

Last Sunday morning, while still on Italy time, I was up early watching, yes, informercials. I saw the perfect dance video, for latin dancing, looked like so much fun, it showed success stories of people losing weight, blah blah blah... I had to have it for only 3 easy payments of $19.99 (a $150 dollar value!! What a STEAL!)

I know it was Sunday, but I had to get it. What if I never saw the commercial again? There was no opportunity for me to just wait until Monday to call or check out their website people, seriously, it had to be done right then.

I jumped on the phone, ordered the DVD's, and was waiting for commercial after commercial on the phone for my summary of payment and when I would be receiving my super awesome latin-dancing videos that were going to slim me down! But commercial after commercial was all I heard, "And for only $70 more, you could receive our extended version of SWING dancing!" (ok, as much as I love swing dancing, this was slightly tempting, not going to lie every ad was. ) "For only $20, you can get our savings book of coupons that could save you up to $50 in gas!! It pays for itself!!!!!" (Another temptation, I might ad. But I figured, I was only breaking the sabbath for what I had wanted, even though the others sounded so good to make me broke.) After about 20 minutes of on-the-phone ads, I decided to hang up, if they didn't send me the package, it's ok I would have saved myself 3 easy payments of $19.99.

A week later it came in the mail, I start dancing, having a ball in my bedroom... until I realize that everything the instructors are doing are totally improv. The backround dancers don't know whats going on. They go so fast that you don't know what to do, you're doing a ball-and-chain, rumba, chumba, mumba, lumba, sumba, all in three dance moves in about 5 seconds and I'm holding my breathe, keeping my abs tight, seeing my face in the mirror turn blue, and then fall flat on my bed. I continue watching the video, I couldn't believe I had spent so much money on these dang DVDs. I would have a better time on the treadmill (I thought I'd never admit to it) watching a dvd from netflix or just turning on the radio and dancing around in my room to my own jams.

Today I called to find out what I needed to do to return it, and I realized what kind of people usually buy from infomercials.

"Due to the high popularity of the core rhythms, our lines are full. To get faster service visit our website at......"
Oh, wait, core rhythms is THIS popular? Maybe I should keep it. Maybe I should still try it out. Maybe I should go online and see how amazing this product is again before I return it...
"Hi, this is Charles. Can I have your order number please?"
"I don't know that, but I can give you the number the previous operator gave me to give to..."
"Yeah, THAT'S the order number."
"Ok... my bad..."
"Ok, what can I do for you?"
"I'd like to return the videos I received yesterday."
"I just don't want them anymore."
"If I gave you 50% off, would you still return them, it would only cost you $35 instead of the initial payment you already paid."

... Wait a second, so if I call back in threatening to return something, you mean I can get it for CHEAPER?? Dude, I wish every one knew this instead of paying for those high price informercials! They just want anything they can get! Another temptation I might add, but I had to stick to my plan... it was a waste of money all around.

"No, I'd like to return it, thank you."
"You are aware that the shipping charge is non-refundable and you will be paying between $25-$30 on returning the DVD's back to us, don't you?"

Last time I paid that much in shipping, I was sending a very large package to my friend in Argentina. And, last time I checked, DVD's qualify for MEDIA MAIL- about $3.

"Yes. What do I need to do to return the DVD's."
"Really? Ok..." (utter and deep shock on his side that someone intelligent saw that his script was beyond bogus enough to not believe a word he was saying.)

Infomercials, we have a love-hate relationship.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wonder why there's fires in LA?

Well, you thought God was going to just sit around and watch people picket and vandalize his house?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why the hate?

"Love not H8"

"No on 8 end hate"

Interesting enough, these are signs held by protestors outside of the LDS Temple in Los Angeles. Yes, it's obvious that they are mad the 54% of California decided to define marriage between a man and a woman. But really, do they honestly believe that 54% of California are Mormons?

So, if the LDS church does happen to be the biggest provider towards the "Yes on 8" campaign, and if prop 8 did not pass, I'm pretty sure the "yes on 8" campaign would not parading around every McDonalds in the state or outside of Brad Pitt's home with signs that are hateful and mean towards gays and lesbians. Because, we know that McD's and Mr. Jolie-Pitt are huge contributers to the NO ON 8 campaign. Currently I am boycotting both McDs and Pitt movies because of their obvious stance, but am I parading the streets with hate?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints life with constant persecution, as a lot of other members of other churches do. The LDS rarely ever takes a political stance on anything. They do not back any candidate in any election. They remain neutral through politics... until it puts the sanctity of family in danger. Which is why, on this rare occasion, the LDS church backed a proposition that defends a moral cause that is so dear and precious to their beliefs in family.

The LDS church, in no way, has displayed any act of hate, violence or harrassment to those in opposition of the church. The church has made a point to be respectful of both sides, and made sure that the members do the same.

So, explain to me, why is it that there is so much hate towards the LDS church for supporting such a proposition? Because the church comes out of their neutral stance once every blue moon and says, "This is important. We need to be in supportive of this proposition," and it actually passes? Because on other propositions, there obviously isn't one group to target for blame, but for this one there is, so they jump on that bandwagon right away. There's obviously only one group to blame for this passing.

I have seen more acts of intolerance and hate from those "fighting against interolerance and hate" than those who are fighting for marriage to be defined as between one man and one woman.

Notice, it's also ONE man, and ONE woman. So does this display discrimination towards those who believe in having more than one wife as well? I don't see anyone trying to support bigamy? There are reasons why there are regulations for marriage, and there multiple groups that marriage can not be applied to, so why is it that the "LDS church is only directed towards hating those that are gay?"

It honestly breaks my heart and makes me so upset at the same time that people can be such hypocrits. Seriously. I can not understand how people are acting this way towards the church, any church be it that. It does not make any logical sense whatsoever. I see that people are mad it did pass. If it didn't, I would be upset but I would live with it. I probably would send my children to a private school, and if my religious rights were violated there I would home school. I have never been good with words at all, this is not an exception to that because I can not describe my anger and frustrations to such a group that would display such acts of hate. If it were the Jews that supported it and "got it passed" this would be defined as an act of hate and discrimination. Why can't they see they are hypocrits of their own stance? IT WAS THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA THAT DECIDED TO DEFINE MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN, NOT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS.

I'm finding these people to be more unintelligent as time goes by. If this does get appealed, how are we ever supposed to put forth faith and trust into our democratic government. Seriously people.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I guess I grew a foot or two since primary...

Maybe I haven't grown a foot or two since primary, but they called me on a mission anyways!  I guess height doesn't make a difference anymore, but the song is still fun to sing for primary kids.  Heck, I still love singing it.

I've been called to serve in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission and report to the Provo MTC on Janurary 14, 2009.  I will be speaking spanish.

I had no idea where I was going, I was hoping for England, kind of thinking I would get called to a temple mission in America, and never expecting something in South America.  When I was first deciding if I wanted to serve a mission, I said, "If I get called to a third world country, that's God telling me I'm not supposed to go on a mission."  When I heard my call, that thought didn't even cross my mind.  I was just like, "Paraguay, I'm going to be in Paraguay for about 15-16 months (in the MTC for about 2 or 3).  There was no question that I was going or not.  It was told to me like it was just a fact of my life, like, "Duh, of course you're going to Paraguay.  You thought you were going somewhere else?"

My mom cried on the phone, and I can't blame her.  Her two daughters serving missions in South America, and her two sons serving in the states.  It just doesn't seem fair to her, does it?  She really wanted me to get called to the states, like Arizona or Temple Square.  My dad was just laughing when he read the call on the phone (I was in Italy when it came and couldn't wait to get home to open it).

That's another cool thing, it's the same area my dad served in when he went on a mission.

One thing I'm having a hard time accepting is the outfits.  Guys have it so easy, slacks, shirt, tie, they're set.  Girls?  Oh no, not only will it be hard finding me clothes, but I will guarantee you I will be the ugliest missionary in the field.  That sounds so superficial, and maybe it is.  But you see;
1. I've worn eyeliner every day since jr high, so much that it is a part of how I look, that if I want to fake sick a day, all I have to do is not wear eyeliner and people go, "Oh Kelsy... you look terrible!"  (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not haha)
2.  Have you seen what sister missionaries are required to wear?  Nothing flattering, and by all means I understand why.  But isn't that why guys wear suits and ties, so they are a good representation of the church?  I'm afraid that because of what I wear, I won't care how I look and therefore won't be the best representative I can possibly be.

To put it short, I think the outfits are hideous.  But I gotta suck it up cause that's what I'll be wearing for a year and a half!

I'm VERY excited to learn spanish and excited to experience something new.  I thought being in Italy made me grateful for America, but being in the poorest country in S. America for year and a half will make my gratitude beyond anything I had being in Italy.  

I'm so excited!!