Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I guess I grew a foot or two since primary...

Maybe I haven't grown a foot or two since primary, but they called me on a mission anyways!  I guess height doesn't make a difference anymore, but the song is still fun to sing for primary kids.  Heck, I still love singing it.

I've been called to serve in the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission and report to the Provo MTC on Janurary 14, 2009.  I will be speaking spanish.

I had no idea where I was going, I was hoping for England, kind of thinking I would get called to a temple mission in America, and never expecting something in South America.  When I was first deciding if I wanted to serve a mission, I said, "If I get called to a third world country, that's God telling me I'm not supposed to go on a mission."  When I heard my call, that thought didn't even cross my mind.  I was just like, "Paraguay, I'm going to be in Paraguay for about 15-16 months (in the MTC for about 2 or 3).  There was no question that I was going or not.  It was told to me like it was just a fact of my life, like, "Duh, of course you're going to Paraguay.  You thought you were going somewhere else?"

My mom cried on the phone, and I can't blame her.  Her two daughters serving missions in South America, and her two sons serving in the states.  It just doesn't seem fair to her, does it?  She really wanted me to get called to the states, like Arizona or Temple Square.  My dad was just laughing when he read the call on the phone (I was in Italy when it came and couldn't wait to get home to open it).

That's another cool thing, it's the same area my dad served in when he went on a mission.

One thing I'm having a hard time accepting is the outfits.  Guys have it so easy, slacks, shirt, tie, they're set.  Girls?  Oh no, not only will it be hard finding me clothes, but I will guarantee you I will be the ugliest missionary in the field.  That sounds so superficial, and maybe it is.  But you see;
1. I've worn eyeliner every day since jr high, so much that it is a part of how I look, that if I want to fake sick a day, all I have to do is not wear eyeliner and people go, "Oh Kelsy... you look terrible!"  (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not haha)
2.  Have you seen what sister missionaries are required to wear?  Nothing flattering, and by all means I understand why.  But isn't that why guys wear suits and ties, so they are a good representation of the church?  I'm afraid that because of what I wear, I won't care how I look and therefore won't be the best representative I can possibly be.

To put it short, I think the outfits are hideous.  But I gotta suck it up cause that's what I'll be wearing for a year and a half!

I'm VERY excited to learn spanish and excited to experience something new.  I thought being in Italy made me grateful for America, but being in the poorest country in S. America for year and a half will make my gratitude beyond anything I had being in Italy.  

I'm so excited!!


  1. I am so proud of you! I think you will be the cutest missionary! I have seen you without all the makeup and you are beautiful.You have those dark eye lashes and beautiful eye brows. you are a lucky girl.

    But what is even better? You are wonderful and I would total feel comfortable having you teach my friends and neighbors.

    You will be great!

  2. I'm so excited for you! With your enthusias and love of the gospel you will me a wonderful missionary. You'll probably set a few records for the mission. One of my young women (she's married now, with 3 small children) went to Paraguay and had a marvelous mission experience. I will call her and find out if she was in the Asuncion North.

  3. OMGosh! I had no idea you were going on a mission! YAY for you! That is so awesome! My favorite current missionary in our ward is in the Paraguay Ascunsion North mission. He went out about 6 months ago). He sends awesome letters about it! He tells it like it is, not always awesome, but mostly awesome. I will write to him today and tell him my cousin is going there.

    Wow! I am excited for you!!!

  4. You are going to be an excellent missionary and I am very proud of you! You are brave! This is a hard thing, and you are doing it! Wow.