Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just don't like mean teams.  I don't like how awful and rude Utah fans are (they are NASTY, I would bet they are right up with the worst in this nation.)  And, though my cousins will hate me for saying it, I don't like Boise State.  The team (not the fans) just are not nice players.

Something that doesn't make sense to me are the t-shirts that say, "I cheer for BYU and anyone who plays Utah" or "I cheer for Utah and anyone who plays BYU."  Seriously?  I don't know football too well, but I do know this, YOU CHEER FOR YOUR CONFERENCE, regardless if it is your rival or not.  Which is why BYU has no problems losing to UTAH this year, because the fact that a team from MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE is playing in the BCS is better for the entire conference than for one team to shine their glory of defeating the ultimate opponent.  As we left the stadium at the BYU vs. UTAH game this year, all we asked in return for the win was a big fat check.  Thanks Utah, we appreciate your hard work.

I will be cheering for Utah when they play in the sugar bowl.  Why would I do that?  I'm not a true blue fan through and through if I cheer for Utah?  Well, you obviously don't know your football, because the more mountain west conference teams that win, the more publicity and money the mountain west conference receives.  I love the rival of BYU vs. Utah, but the fact is that BYU fans LOVE BYU.  Utah fans HATE BYU... so much that, Utah fans hate for BYU outweighs their love for the U.... which is why they never root for BYU, even when it is in their best interest.

Which is one of the many reasons why I'm thrilled TCU won tonight at the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.  I sat in the presidents box with Peyton Manning (we go way back) and had an after-party with Ryan Seacrest, which, ironically, was told to me from my Boise State cousin and she never showed up.  It's ok, Ryan, my dad and I had a great time talking about the 2 interceptions made by TCU within the remaining 2 minutes of the game, to secure the 17-16 score for this year.

Go Mountain West.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creepy Millionaires

Last week my work had a end-of-the-year function. I work at a hospital trying to raise money to expand. At this event we had a mixture of wealthy donors, hospital employees, and friends of the hospital.

I had heard about one man, who has a LOT of money, that was going to be at the event that night. I heard creepy, I mean, CREEP CREEP McCREEPIN stories about this man, hitting on women, who was married. All the nurses in the hospital know who this man is, and all the women in our staff were to look out for each other when this man arrived.

I saw him as he came in, he was recognizable by what he was wearing. He blew kisses at me as I checked him in, HIS WIFE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Creep.

Later on, he came up to the table again and proceeds to tell me how beautiful and stunning I am. He then asked if I was married. I quickly changed my ring from the middle finger to the ring finger and said, "Oh yes, he is a VERY lucky man." He got a look of disappointment on his face and goes, "Oh, if you weren't married, I'd have to cheat on my wife," and proceeds to blow kisses at me. Gross.

Meanwhile, my co-worker sees him talking to me and sends one of our volunteers over to save me. As this man proceeds to tell me how stunning and beautiful I am, and how he wants to cheat forgetting the fact that HE HIMSELF is married... I tell him, "Oh no, you're wife is lovely. You wouldn't do that," our volunteer walks by, whispers, "Walk away..." and then boldly shakes this mans hand and says, "Hi, I haven't met you yet...." and I get up and walk away.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Buttoned Notebook

I was out shopping for some stuff for my work today at Target, when I had remembered an incident the night before when I was looking for my "whatever notebook" I keep with my at all times for any thoughts, ideas, quotes, or to-do lists I have to jot down, went missing.  I went into the notebook section and found a relatively cheap, and very cute notebook that I debated buying over a 2009 year planner- but I didn't know if I needed the planner or not, blah blah blah, I decided to get really cute square brown notebook with varied buttons sewed onto the top of it.  I'm not going to have many cute things while on my mission!

Anyways, I was in line buying this notebook, a fuze water to calm my chocolate craving, and some ribbon I had to buy for work.  The lady in front of me makes a comment of how cute the notebook was, and it was such a great idea.  Then she proceeds to say more than I believe she intended to with just a few words, "I can't believe people make a profit off of that."

She mind as well have said, "I can't believe you're stupid enough to buy that."

I just kindly responded, "For those of us who can't sew, this works just great."

She responded, "Then glue it on."

Do you ever feel like some people could have just responded to things better, even if they have all the information, do you ever feel like if it is something worth while saying, and if it is something that can help someone else, they always manage to send the message in a way that makes you feel like an idiot or is demeaning to you?

Part of me knew this lady was right, I could make a notebook that looked like this myself.  But it wouldn't have that pretty brown ribbon that tied it together, or the bookmark, or the tightly sewed buttons on front that are probably glued on as well.

It's too bad I never inherited the art genes of Kathy Steimle.