Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I just don't like mean teams.  I don't like how awful and rude Utah fans are (they are NASTY, I would bet they are right up with the worst in this nation.)  And, though my cousins will hate me for saying it, I don't like Boise State.  The team (not the fans) just are not nice players.

Something that doesn't make sense to me are the t-shirts that say, "I cheer for BYU and anyone who plays Utah" or "I cheer for Utah and anyone who plays BYU."  Seriously?  I don't know football too well, but I do know this, YOU CHEER FOR YOUR CONFERENCE, regardless if it is your rival or not.  Which is why BYU has no problems losing to UTAH this year, because the fact that a team from MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE is playing in the BCS is better for the entire conference than for one team to shine their glory of defeating the ultimate opponent.  As we left the stadium at the BYU vs. UTAH game this year, all we asked in return for the win was a big fat check.  Thanks Utah, we appreciate your hard work.

I will be cheering for Utah when they play in the sugar bowl.  Why would I do that?  I'm not a true blue fan through and through if I cheer for Utah?  Well, you obviously don't know your football, because the more mountain west conference teams that win, the more publicity and money the mountain west conference receives.  I love the rival of BYU vs. Utah, but the fact is that BYU fans LOVE BYU.  Utah fans HATE BYU... so much that, Utah fans hate for BYU outweighs their love for the U.... which is why they never root for BYU, even when it is in their best interest.

Which is one of the many reasons why I'm thrilled TCU won tonight at the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.  I sat in the presidents box with Peyton Manning (we go way back) and had an after-party with Ryan Seacrest, which, ironically, was told to me from my Boise State cousin and she never showed up.  It's ok, Ryan, my dad and I had a great time talking about the 2 interceptions made by TCU within the remaining 2 minutes of the game, to secure the 17-16 score for this year.

Go Mountain West.


  1. Um. i couldn't make it to the ESPN/Seacrest party because Roland was crying so hard. He hates to lose. Hates to lose.

    go broncos.

  2. And Eva Longoria is stalking Roland. She is obnoxious! We heard she was going the the ESPN/seacrest deal and Roland was like, "I am SO sick of her!" For crying out loud.

  3. Sweet post Kels- couldn't have said it better myself!!
    Has Kory had her baby yet?? No one's called...