Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Amazing new HAND AIR DRYER era....

So, I went to Ikea this past week. Maybe it's because I've been in an extremely poor country for 18 months, but I was really impressed by what I found in the womens' bathroom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to you the new and improved... hand dryer. This hand dryer is not like any hand dryer I have ever seen or used in my life. You stick your hands in, it turns on, you slowly pull your hands out, and THEY'RE DRY.

Now, if you're any old hand-dryer junk of a thunk user, you know air hand dryers DO NOT WORK... I'd rather go get some toilet paper and dry off my hands than spend a half hour of my quick passerby visit to the powder room just drying my hands off from all those germs only to get them dirty again as I open the door because they provided no paper towels to use to open the door again so BASICALLY hand air dryers are pointless, UNLESS they have this new and improved air hand dryer.

Dudes... seriously. Go to your nearest Ikea and try these little suckers out. You're whole vision of hand air dryers will change for life!!


  1. These things are ridiculous! I'm sad to say the first one I ran into was at a Del Taco, but since have found them in much cooler places.

  2. Are you back on the blog scene?? SWEET!
    Too funny- I LOVE THESE DRYERS! I didn't know Ikea had them, but Costco does. Just about every time I go in there, I have to show someone how to use them. Leave it to Dyson to make an awesome vacuum AND hand dryer...

  3. These driers are more sanitary than the oldschool driers, which sucked air off the dirty bathroom floor, warmed it up and spat it onto your hands (it's actually more sanitary to wipe your hands on your own pants than to use those driers) However the dyson blade has a filter! (is it weird that I know this much about hand driers....also, did you know we both like to use paretethis??)))))))