Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, when I was in Paraguay, I had a companion who once asked me what was on my "bucketlist". I hadn't really thought of it until then, but every once and a while I do. On my drive to the smog-filled Salt Lake Valley today, I was thinking about it around the point of the mountain. What IS on my bucketlist? Some people have skydiving, hang-gliding, deep sea fishing, visiting every continent... man, some pretty intense stuff. As for now, I could only think of a few!

1. My #1 thing I want to do before I die... go to New York City and tour every little part, see the shows, be a groupie of the today show and make a sign to get on TV, I wanted to go see Emeril Live (but foodnetwork cancelled his show), other NYC shows, everything about New York... it's my number one destination to go to before I die.

2. Backpack Europe. Just cause it seems like fun.

3. Go on a cruise. Midnight chocolate buffets anyone? Diet starts the day I get off the ship...

(I'll spare you the photo)

4. Make out in the rain

5. Make a wedding cake

6. Run a marathon (Happening in January at Walt Disney World!)


7. See CHICAGO in concert


8. Eat a true Chicago dog in Chicago

9. Run the NYC Marathon

There's more to the bucketlist that I can't think of, these are just some things I thought of on my drive. Let's make this a series... THE BUCKETLIST... to be continued...


  1. Good for you- note it's easier to take care of these things while you're single. There is just one item on my bucket list from when I was single that I had left when I was married- and I still haven't been to Machu Picchu.

    Making out in the rain? Sounds cool in theory and looks cool in movies- kind of lame in execution.

  2. Do you realize how many of your bucket list items can be combined?? Lets see if we can consolidate...
    #3 can be done on your way to do #2 (and I mean backpack Europe, not going to the bathroom)
    #4 can be done while on #3
    #5 I'm just going to warn you- you might want to take this off of your list. Not as fun or cool as it sounds.
    #6 can be accomplished when you do #9
    #7 can be done when you go to #1
    #8 is on its own.
    So really, you only have like 3 things on your bucket list. Is that really as deep as your goals go...?? Sad.

  3. Dang Jenna it's a good thing I got you here! But I don't have BUDDY PASSES (like someone I know) so I can't just fly anywhere whenever I want to!! haha YES this is as deep as it gets... not too high maintenance haha

  4. And if #4 was to be done on #3... dude, I'd hate for it to be raining while on a cruise.

  5. love it! :D I might have to copy this post to my own blog :)