Saturday, December 25, 2010

20 miles

Yesterday I spent all morning running... 20 miles.  The most I have ever ran!  It's only because I'm training for a marathon... I would never do that just for kicks.  I've been training in a treadmill at a 24-hour fitness in Utah for the past 4 months so being home in San Diego and running on the PCH to the sound of waves crashing was a definite plus in running that far!  I also got a tan.  How's that for a vacation back home compared to snow-covered Utah?

Anywho, I'd like to take the moment and give a huge shout-out to...

1. Kory, for running the marathon with me in 2 weeks at Disneyworld, sending me a text message telling me her running time and keeping me responsible for running on a daily basis
2. Dad for dropping me off in Carlsbad and picking me up hours later in La Jolla
3. Christian and Juanita for meeting up with me and running 2 miles
4. Christian and Juanita for making a drive-by, honking and startling me while on the road...
5. Scripps Hospital La Jolla for allowing me to use their bathroom once I was finished with my run and their phone because mine died
6. Juanita for showing me the imapmyrun app for my iphone
7. Kory for making me a 20 mile map that allowed me to end my last 4 miles running uphill- thanks a lot.
8. Mom for making nice and hot challah bread for me to come home to and eat
9. Excedrin for taking care of all my aches and pains
10. The surfer who stopped me running and asked me to help him take off his wetsuit.

If there was a competition as to who would give the shortest thank-you speech, I would've lost.
If there was a competition as to who could run 20 miles the fastest, I would've lost.
If there was a competition as to who could run 20 miles the slowest, I would've won.

I just ran 20 miles... well, kind of.  I completed my 20 mile run/walk....  it's just 6.2 miles to go, right?  I don't know how I'm going to make it.  Those 20 miles killed!

2 More weeks!


  1. Merry Christmas! I think it is super awesome you did this! next year invite the austin girls to join you. I know of at least 2 who would join you (I probably would go for the 1.2 marathon). I am so proud of you and think this is a great idea!

  2. A big shout out to Kelsy who isn't bailing on her sister in 2 weeks! Shoot got to go run 4 miles.