Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teardrops & Wonders

So today I was wondering...

What causes a sneeze?
Why do people have boogers?
What makes your hand or foot to fall asleep and give you that tingling feeling?

PS: I fixed the american idol clip below, it should work now.  But man, there's something happening to me because I just watched Pay It Forward last night and I have never cried so much in a movie.  There are few movies that move me; Pursuit of Happiness, Pay It Forward and... Remember the Titans ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You know you're a boob when...

I will not cry during Charly. I will not cry during most things girls normally cry at. But, I do tend to tear up in American Idol. I have also been known for tearing up in extreme home makeover... this totally made me tear up.

"What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" What an amazing person.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Name vs. Title

When introducing your spouse, what do you say?

"This is my wife (or husband), (insert name here)."
"This is (insert name here), my wife (or husband)."

Which one do you like better?  I think introducing them first by their name, or referring to them by their first name over their title, is more personable and caring towards the person to whom you're speaking of.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lady Gaga sings about "Snakes"

If you've ever been to South America, and have been walking down the street and have been "snaked" by the men sitting on their front porch drinking beer, working in the fields, or hanging out with their girlfriend, when you listen to this song by Lady Gaga, "Alejandro" you'll just bust out laughing, as I did.  I never really listened to the lyrics until today when it was on the radio, and it brought me back memories while tracting in Paraguay.

When my companions and I got "snaked", (i.e. tssssss tsssssssss hola mi amorrrrr bebe..... dame un beso... tsss tsssssss princesa, mi AMOR, mi vida, ayyyyyy que linda, que hermosa, tu piel, tus OJOS!!!!) (I swear they could see my "ojos" from a mile away (ojos = eyes). *

I'll spare you the video- since I've never seen but did read if it was appropriate or not (NOT- by the way, so I didn't watch it.  You can't trust Lady Gaga's videos) here's how some of the lyrics go:

I know that we are young
And I know that you may love me

But I just can't be with you like this anymore

She's got both hands
In her pocket
And she won't look at you
She hides true love (we truly did love them, we even invited them to church)
En su bolsillo (pamphlets about the word of wisdom)
She's got a halo around her finger (missionaries are referred to as angels)
Around you

You know that I love you boy (I would offer my  hand in marriage if they showed up to church, I would laugh hysterically as I saw their face move from smiles to horror)
Hot like Mexico (or Paraguay- I bet its a billion times hotter down there)
At this point I've gotta choose
Nothing to lose (No one showed up to church even after I offered my companions' hand in marriage- which was a bit of a relief to them after me trying to sell their hand)

Don't call my name (Elders! Elders! People called us Elders all the time.)
Don't call my name (Hermannnnnnnnaaaaaaasssss)
Alejandro (or Pedro, Gustavo, Enrique, Carlos, whichever one you have)
I'm not your babe
I'm not your babe
Don't wanna kiss (you're teeth rotting or not having any teeth at all saves me from that temptation)
Don't wanna touch (thankfully there's rules against that!)
Don't call my name
Don't call my name (No, I will not come back to Paraguay to marry you.  Or any other Paraguayan for that matter!)

*Disclaimer: Women get a lot more of this than men do, though, men do receive it, women get it on an hourly basis.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bedtime: 9:00PM

Why is going to bed early considered a "bad thing" if you're young?  I spent my freshman year of college out and about until 3, 4 or even pulling all-nighters without sleeping at all and going to work at 6am the next morning.  I had a blast, it was tons of fun.  That was when I was 19.  Now I'm 23, and I get tired around 9:00PM... and I have no problem going to bed at that time.

Last night my roommate waited until about 10:00 to go to bed and asked, "So, it's now 10:00, that doesn't make me too much of a loser to go to bed right now, does it?"  I was like, "Going to bed early is not for losers!"

Maybe it's because I go to bed early, which is why I made that statement.  But seriously, what is up with the younger generation thinking it's "not cool" to go to bed early?  Why?  You'd rather stay up all night long only to wake up super tired the next morning and be groggy all day?  Been there... done that.  It was tons of fun.  Call me a grandma, but I'm over doing that day after day.  I have a job, I go to school, I have responsibilities and goals I want to achieve in life and I need energy all day to help me function!  So, yes, I go to bed early, so I can arise early... familiar scripture to anyone?

Let me give you a hint: D&C 88:124, "...cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that yet may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated."

God usually knows what he's talking about.  I'm going to bed early so I can feel great in the morning, and I don't feel "un-cool" at all, I actually feel really responsible.  Man, I must be getting old!  But I'm totally ok with that.  I don't have to keep myself up at night to go to bed at a certain time just so I don't seem like a fuddy duddy.  Call me a fuddy duddy, I like my sleep!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I hate math.

Yes.  Call me a hater.  I'll totally take it.  Because I HATE math.

Here's the back-round.  I took math up until Jr. year in high school, because only 3 years were required.  The third year I had taken at a private school with a private tutor, because I just couldn't get the help I needed at the public school.

That was the last time I understood math.

Welcome to the summer past my sophomore year in college, where I was taking online courses to finish my AA over the summer.  That meant studying math on my own.  Math... that I didn't get.  Needless to say, I didn't finish the course.

I go on a mission.

Come home and realize I need to take a re-fresher course on math to help me understand it better.  Now I'm taking the actual class, the only one left that I need, in order to get my AA.  And it's scaring me, freaking me out if I do say so myself.  I hate math!  I just don't get it!  If I were to be an archeologist, I would totally get why it was important for me to take college algebra.

But I'm not, so... I don't.

Math.  It's my kryptonite.

Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Marathon Experience: Disney Style!!

2 entries into the Walt Disney World Marathon ... $240
4 months of pain and training ... $120 (gym membership...)
4 Southwest Plane Tickets .... lots of points
3 Night-stay at the Marriott Palms Resort .... lots of points
Jacket to throw away during the race .... $4
Running through Walt Disney World with my sister ... priceless

I can’t believe it, did I really just pull off my first marathon?  I did!  After 4 months of training, (which happened to be the worst part of the whole experience) I ran 26.2 miles through 4 theme parks with my big sister, Kory!! It was her second marathon, my first marathon... and I honestly LOVED IT.  I didn’t hate a minute of it, I loved it all.  During the training, when times got hard, I thought to myself, “I lived in Paraguay for 16 months, this is a piece of cake.”
My legs could tell the marathon was coming, a week ago, and I could feel the tremble and fear in them.  The night before, the muscles in my shoulder stiffed up... I could hardly sleep.  But come the next morning, I couldn’t believe how much energy I had!  
Here are some of the lessons learned, funny signs, and highlights of the Disney World Marathon, 2011:
-Maybe a light jacket on a Florida morning isn’t enough to keep your warm.  Next time, sweatshirt.  I loved having cheap disposable clothing to just toss on the side of the road once my body warmed up.
-WARNING: If you spray muscle relaxant ice spray in the car (preparing for the race) near food, your food with get a nice menthal-icy taste.
-Race kicking off with a FANTASTIC firework show.
-Singing a “bust a move” duet with Kory on mile 2
-Mile 6: I had this huge fear that I was going to be the very last one in the race and have to get carried to the finish line by golf cart, at mile 6 I realized we were ahead of a lot of people.  I mentioned that to Kory that I guess my fear wouldn’t be coming true... she said, “then again... you’re only on mile 6.”
-Disney Characters, EVERYWHERE.  Yes, you could stop to take photos (which was great because it made sure we were never the last ones in the race- the lines got kind of long).  
-Photographers, EVERYWHERE.  Work it, work it... I felt like a movie star.  Kory thought I was crazy that I had enough energy to jump for the photos past mile 18.
-People cheering for you EVERYWHERE.  Our names were on our bibs, and it was great to hear complete strangers calling my name and encouraging me to keep going.
-Mile 3: Realizing that Kory had lost her iphone
-Mile 4: Realizing that I had over-prepared by bringing two ipods, Kory still got some music during the run.
-The band that played “All I do is Win”
-Dressing up as a Disney character is encouraged.  And entertaining for those of us who don’t have the desire to dress up.
-Singing Aerosmiths’, “Walk This Way” with the man that looked like the wedding singer
-A t-shirt someone was wearing, “I’m running for all those people who taught me that being an evil queen was better than being a princess.”
-Seriously, Cliff’s “shot blocks” are DELICIOUS!!
-Another t-shirt, written on the back, “If you can read this, I’m not last.”
-Not one runner likes mocha gu. Dumb idea Cliff.
-The asian guy we met at the beginning of the race, taking pictures with every single Disney character, and still managing to pass and finish before us.
-Guys got it easy, they can just run off the side of the road and do their business.  Us girls had to wait in porta-potty lines.
-Disneys’ electrical parade on the sideline
-No matter how early I eat the day before, avoiding the porta-potty is virtually impossible while running long distances.
-Running through EPCOT
-Running in Florida is so much easier than running in Utah.
-People riding the old school bikes with the big wheel
-Running through the MAGIC KINGDOM, running towards the castle was just SO INCREDIBLY COOL!
*Getting a welcome from castle servants with their horns as we ran through the castle
-There’s a very stinky stretch after the Magic Kingdom, we ran past the recycling center... YUCK!!
-The sweet blood blister.
-The marathon is the only place you can go and throw trash on the ground, and someone is there just to pick up after you.
-Running through ANIMAL KINGDOM, never been there before.  Cool place.
*Mile 20: Wall? What wall?
-Mile 20 was where I realized that I should’ve worn 4 bras instead of 3.
-Running through HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS... and making all the people visiting have to wait until we ran by until they could cross the street.
-Singing “Sweet Caroline” with the old man next to us
-Getting as many Mr. Goodbars as I want at mile 22 without having to compromise with anyone.
-Hearing the cast members of Disney say, “Only two more to go!!” When there was really 3... “only a mile and a half!!” when there were 2... very deceiving.  Those miles became very long...
-Sign: “Bob, the park closes at 6... are you going to be done by then??”
*Sign: “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.” - read as we were hitting exhaustion.
*Sign: “Hello complete stranger, I don’t know who you are, but I’m proud of you.”
-Mile 20.1... realizing that I had really done it, that my first marathon was coming to an end and how much I enjoyed it.
-Mile 20.2 realizing that I no longer had to run
-Marathoners are so nice.  You can talk to anyone.  And they’re trustworthy because...
-Mile 20.5, getting the phone call from Dad saying that someone retrieved Korys’ brand new iphone that was lost during the race, had found him in her contact list and notified him... at 3am his time ;)
I would totally do that all over again.  For sure.  I loved it!  And I didn’t have to cross teh finish line in a golf cart!  The only downside was the training... but I was so entertained the whole way through the actual marathon.  That’s the ADD kid in me, I have to be entertained when doing the same thing for a long period of time.  
My muscles ache, it’s hard to bed down to pick something up and hard to walk in with a bum left foot.  But I would totally do it all over again.  It was definitely entertaining and an experience to remember.   

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"New Year, New You"

Welcome 2011!  For many, a new year brings new years resolutions.  I really haven't set any new years resolutions since high school when I was working at IN-N-OUT and committed to not eat any fried food throughout the year.  It was the only time I've ever made, AND KEPT, a new years' resolution.  Since then, waiting until the new year comes is just another form of procrastination for me in order to set goals to become better.  I can't say I've set resolutions for this year of 2011, but I can say that I am continually setting goals to become a better person.

This is a video that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints came out with to kick off the new year, just as hilarious as it begins... it ends with a great message for all of us to consider as we begin the new year.  Use the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and don't ever look back, or.... POOF!