Friday, February 18, 2011

Happiness is...

When I was younger, a kid in my Sunday school class's mom had all of us sing 'Happiness' that was sung in Charlie Brown. I still remember my line today, 'Happiness is catching a butterfly and setting it free.'

Here's my list of what happiness is this week.

Happiness is what I feel right now. Getting done watching 3 episodes of maybe one of the funniest TV shows with my roommate. Going to work and being offered a job position I wanted. Happiness is the feeling I get after a good work out at the gym. A day of eating right. Happiness is in finding ways to serve without having to ask. Happiness is speaking Spanish. A well deserved night at the temple. Happiness is a short drive for a good afternoon ski session. It's being the last one on the ski lift, knowing I got my moneys worth of runs in. It's finally being able to understand math. Happiness is a new pair (or 5) of shoes. Happiness is the feeling that someone else gives you something totally unexpectedly, just because. Happiness is enjoying the presence of those I work with. It's being busy, and knowing I'm making a difference. Happiness is found in the mailbox, with a car tag to put on my license plate. It's getting the second glance from that cute guy I walked by. It's getting 2 teenage boys dancing in their car at night trying to get my attention. Happiness is in the green light when I'm in a rush to work. Its the surprise complimentary lunch in the breakroom. It's found in the peace of ear plugs at night. Happiness is on a ski chair lift, in dancing to the tunes on my iPod, without a care in the world.

Happiness found me in random and unexpected ways this week. Amazing how much happiness there is that the Lord has in store for us, when we choose to recognize it. My life isn't perfect, but it's happy. And I'm definitely happy!