Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Single-Awareness Day!

Really?  Is it really that bad being single?  I don't think so...  I'm totally enjoying it and I think that it's perfectly ok for there to be a "special" day for all the couples that want to enjoy it.  Granted, I think that love should be shown on every other day of the week, not just on Valentines Day or your anniversary, Christmas, a birthday or the ultimate lovers day, Labor Day.  

I guess I'd sing a different tune if I had just got out of a relationship, but I haven't, so I'm not.  It gives me an excuse to buy a cute heart-dish and fill it with conversations hearts to share with my roomies.  Besides, holidays are fun!

But hey, Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there, and Happy Single-Awareness Day to all those who listen to the cheesy love-songs after dark on the radio.

(Any Valentines Day is incomplete without See's candies!)

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