Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life lessons from 80's songs

Sometimes I find that I am too legit, too legit to quit.  So I can't get down on myself and think I'm no longer legit, no longer legit so I must quit.

Just tonight as I was listening to my itunes, I realized, that I'm no longer holding out for a hero.  Where have all the good men gone? No street-wise Hercules, no white knights upon a fiery steed.  Nope.  If I keep holding out for that kind of hero I'll be waiting forever.

I'm working for the man, holding on to what I got, and just living on a prayer.  A prayer made consistently throughout the day.  I'll make it, I swear!

Beware of strange men that ask you to pour some sugar on them.

Harry, who has a cousin named Larry, (who in 5 days from now is gonna marry), I'd worry about the best man who's hoping he can make it to the ceremony if he can... he wants to hook up with the bride.

Beware of anyone named Janie.  Most likely they've got a gun.

If I bob my head to "What is Love" I might end up coming up with a crazy idea for a backwards/inside-out dance club.

If there's a problem, yo- I'll solve it. Word to your mother.

Who's Jessie's girl and what does she have that I don't??

And... my personal favorite.
.... no really, I love this song.  I blast it in my car anytime it comes on.


  1. Best 80's song ever to relate to: Everlasting Love by Howard Jones. Howard Jones is SPECTACULAR.

  2. Excellent choice!! The music video are two mummies in love... haha.

    Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart