Monday, February 28, 2011

Mom's Un-forgetable Birthday 2-28-2000

Today is February 28, my mom's birthday.  I love my mom to death!  She's such an amazing person.  She's so talented... she's an artist, a pilot, and is very witty.  I love her so much.  On this February 28 (which it's actually March 1st but technically not because I haven't been to sleep yet and so February 28 still continues on through the night) I'm reflecting back to a birthday... her birthday about, oh, 9 years ago....

I was 14 years old and had already come home from school and was making my mom her birthday cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting- her favorite.)  Home alone, I was in the kitchen, and had already put the cake in the oven... when I heard the door bell ring.  I ran to the door, and seeing how it wasn't locked I slowly locked it as I peeped through the peep-hole to see who was there.  There was a man there, at the door, with a gun.

I quickly ran upstairs, not knowing what to do, I smacked myself and said, "Kelsy!! There's A MAN AT THE DOOR WITH A GUN!!!" I ran back downstairs to call 9-1-1.  I realized that by having a phone with a cord in the kitchen, the man could easily come around the side gate and see me through the windows.  So I set the phone on the counter and ran back to my room, which was right next to the front door, hid in my closet, wall right next to the front door, as I keep hearing it being pounded over and over again, "Let me in!! I know you're in there!!" (PS... What idiot is going to just open the door to a guy with a gun tell them to let him in?  Just a side-note...)

I began bawling, praying with more pleading help than I have ever prayed for in my life.  My life was going to be over.  He was going to get in and find me in the closet.

After a period of time I heard nothing, but two pounds on the door.  I figured if it was the police, they would say, "Police!"  (I don't know why, it's not like in Home Alone when the police showed up at the MacAllister's home they said police... because they didn't.) I crawl out of my room to get a peek at what is going on, and I see two shadows of people walking in the backyard, I freak out, and run straight back to my hiding spot in my closet.

I wait what seemed like a century later, only to realize, that the cake is still in the oven!! Who knows how long I had been hiding in the closet for, I was going to burn the house down!  I snuck out to see if anyone could see me, quickly turned off the oven, hung up the phone, sprinted to get the portable phone and ran to my closet again to call the police.  All in record timing with my hard beating as fast as a drum.

I called the police and the lady on the phone said the police had already shown up to my house but would be showing up again and to stay on the phone with her until they showed up.  They showed up alright.  Only this time, it was just one black and white with a couple of cops.  They brought their K-9 crew.  I began to bawl as I saw them at the door and explained to them what had happened, they quickly searched the entire house and backyard.

Since I was home alone, they asked if they should stay until my parents came, I informed them that I could stay with my neighbors, as they are escorting me up my driveway to my neighbors' home, my dad is walking down the driveway (we have a long driveway...) so and completely confused because of the 6 black and whites, with a k-9 unit, parked in front of our home... and seeing his little girl running toward him crying.

The first time the cops had come by, it was just one cop car.  The second time I called, they sent 6.

Later on my mom came home, I'm pretty sure the cake didn't burn but was under-done... but we decided to go out to eat at Chili's.  I don't remember anything else of the night.  I do remember that I slept on floor by my mom's side of the bed for the next two weeks.

Come to find out later on...

My mom's friend Holly has a son named Spencer.  Spencer was probably about 5 at the time?  Holly had come by that afternoon of February 28, 2000, to drop off a birthday present for my mom.  Trying to let Spencer be a big boy, she sent him in with the gift for my mom.  He had heard someone inside and knew someone was there.  So when he finally came back out to the car he said, "Someone's in there but they're not answering," he and Holly left.

My paranoia during the time of the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart was so great that it caused me to believe a 5 year old with a birthday present knocking at the door because he could hear me was a grown man with a gun banging on the door to come in.

(As I type this story, I look over to see if my front door is locked... it wasn't. I guess somethings never change...)

Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Oh Kelsy, you are a funny girl. Never afraid of letting others know of your goofy matter how terrifying they are. Thanks