Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sam's Club Item Sampler of the Week!

If there's anything I eat that makes me think it's Christmas time, it's PISTACHIOS! This is due to Santa filling our stockings with pistachios each Christmas.  I love pistachios, and only eat them during Christmas time. But, I've made a wonderful discovery, they are called WONDERFUL SHELLED PISTACHIOS! 
 Yes my friends, they are already de-shelled and ready to pop into your mouth!! No more trying to dig your thumbnail into the tightly shut shell to get the wonderful and glorious nut.  And get this, they're only like $2 more than the regular bag of shelled pistachios- and you get like twice as much because of no need for shell space!! How wonderful is that?!

This is how I feel when I put a pistachio in my mouth.

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