Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Can't I Have Suze Orman on Speed-dial?

It's 2am, Friday night, and Suze Orman is on.  I love her.  She's so smart, and that's why she's so successful, because she wants to share what she knows with everyone.  I saw it on in the break-room and was watching it, a girl came in and took the remote away from me to watch something else and since she saw nothing else is on she decided to let me watch it and her and another girl and I learned a little bit about... homes.

But it got me thinking more how I need to write down long-term goals I have so that I can start living now to achieve them.  By what little I make now it's hard to even comprehend reaching these goals.  But her story has inspired me to truly believe that success can happen, even if you're a college-age hippie working as a waitress.

-Spend less than what you can afford.
-Live below your means.
-People first, then money, then things.
-Eliminate allowance from your vocabulary (I never had an allowance growing up).
-Enjoy saving money more than you enjoy spending money.
-Retirement: Put money into your 401K UP UNTIL your employer matches your deposits.  If you put in a dollar, and they put in 50 cents, that's 50% more in your account.  Never say no to that.  But once they stop, stop depositing money and open a ROTH IRA account so that I can get my retirement cash without having to pay taxes.
-Own a home.  Buy less than what you can afford.  Be able to pay 20% down on the home initially, while still being able to have 8 months emergency money saved up on the side.

I really wish BYU would get Suze Orman to come speak at a forum.

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  1. You can download her books on iTunes. I use to listen to her books on CD while I was stuck in Orange County traffic. You could do the same, listening on your way to the SLC campus- you'll probably learn more on your drive that you will in class :)