Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do's, Don'ts & Misunderstandings of Dating

I had a very long flight back to Salt Lake this afternoon/evening, which gave me lots of time to think about lots of different things.  My mind is like one big search engine... there were few things I didn't think about. So right now after my drive back to Provo from the airport (I had a diet coke to keep me awake.  It's keeping me awake even longer now...) I get to blog about it and I honestly would like to see your opinion on these topics: What to do/not to do/ and "don't even go there's" of dating.  If I miss anything really important of the Do's and Don'ts of dating- PLEASE write them in the comments.  There were only a few things I was thinking about in particular.

1. The "lean over and pop your date's door" act.
Now, I have older siblings, and have grown up seeing my sister (upon her date opening the door for her to enter the car) lean over and pop the door open for her date as he is walking around the car to get in OR the date to the same thing for my brother.  So... I thought it was the norm.  Apparantly it's not.  In relationship class one week in church (that's a whole different subject- ask about that one in person) that topic got brought up and almost half of the ward didn't even know about it.  Some guys liked the idea of a girl being thoughtful enough to pop open the door for them, others didn't because it seemed to "put down" that act of a gentleman he just did of opening the door for her.

What are your opinions on popping the door open?  Girls, did you know that this practice even existed?  Guys, how would you feel if a girl popped open a door for you after you just opened the door to a car for her?

I once went on a date where I had to wait in the car for the guy to come around and open the door for me to get out.  It was really awkward for me.  Then again, some girls like having the door being opened on departure and arrival.  I'm a departure-only kind of girl.  Then again, I'm a door-popping kind of girl too... and some guys don't like it at all.  Like I don't like having to wait in a car for someone to open the door for me... unless the child lock is on.

2. Offering to pay for half of the meal.
In the past I've been in a relationship where I paid for most of what we did when it came to going out.  I thought that it was better to go out and have fun and have me pay, than not to go out at all.  My theory changed after that relationship.  Then I came home from my mission, and completely clueless about dating... I read a few times about girls offering to pay for half of the meal while on a date.  So, I thought that was the norm, and I started to do it.  To my surprise... I had a few interesting experiences with this one.  I realized soon after that if I had offered to pay for half of the meal on the date and the guy accepted, it would be a deal breaker.  If a guy asks you out on a date, he should pay for it, should he not?  Opinions on this one are more than welcome.

3. Holding of the hands
To many people, holding hands is a HUGE step for them.  It might take forever for a guy to get the guts to hold a girls' hand.  Then again, there are guys that hold girls' hands on the first date just as if he were escorting them with his arm.  Now, I can see how with a certain person holding hands can be taken completely out of context if it's the first date and all your date wants to do is guide you around and have fun without the "holding of the hands step" coming into play.... opinions?

4. The follow-up
This is applied into two categories: A. The after-date text and B. How long you wait until you contact that person again (if interested).
A. The after-date text.  I once heard someone say they didn't understand the need of an after-date text if at the end of the night you sincerely thank your date, looking in the eyes, giving them a face-to-face personal thank you.  That texting has become more important that personal contact.  On the other-hand, some would say it's nice to know that even after the date the person you went out with is still thinking about it enough to send a thank you text saying that they enjoyed it.  Or, you can pull a "He's Just Not That Into You" move and say, "It was very nice to meet you," which basically means, "Thanks, but I'm not interested." (I've said that a couple of times... before I saw that trashy movie... not realizing what I really been saying underneath that sentence.  I'm beginning to understand...)
B. Girls: How long do you expect someone to contact you after a date?  Guys:  How long do you wait after a date to ask the girl out again (if interested)?  Or do you expect the girl to text your first? (Hint: If you expect the girl to text you first... wrong answer.)  And how long is too long? (Enter the PSYCH episode here where Sean is kidnapped and instead of calling Gus he accidentally calls a girl he went out on a date with 3 years prior who was obviously still aching that he hadn't called her back after the date and she thought it was because she ate two pieces of cheesecake on the date... here.)

I really do want to see everyones opinion on these... because I'm sure everyone goes through the dating ups and downs and it's interesting to get personal views on it all.  I'm sure there are big Do's and Don'ts of dating that I completely missed.  So please, leave your views on everything.  See what others have to say, do you agree/disagree?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Easter in 3 Years

Today= First American Easter in 3 years!  My first Easter in the mission was hard, and I savored the See's Easter eggs that my mom had sent me.  No way was my Uruguayan comp getting some... I was in my first transfer in Paraguay.  I was hot, didn't understand the language, and miserable.  See's was a taste of home.  Second Easter in the mission, still didn't feel like Easter- as it just felt like every other Sunday.

Two years later, I'm enjoying See's on Easter Sunday, in the states and looking back on those memories.  I was looking forward to Easter so early this year- since March.  And to be honest, it was the commercial aspect of it I was looking forward to:  Easter dinner, East candy, decorating Easter eggs, Easter egg hunt with my niece...  purely commercial.  And what a great Easter it has been!  I've taken my first vacation in months, and got to see my family for the first time in months.  We decorated eggs, had TWO easter egg hunts (my niece is 2, we can do lots of hunts and she still loves finding eggs!), Easter candy and Easter dinner... (Which was real ham this year instead of the ham my sister got 3 years ago- she thought it was low-fat but it turned out to be canadian bacon;).

Now I look back on my mission and realize what I was missing then, I have now.  But now I'm missing what I had back then.

Easter was purely about the Resurrection of Christ.  The talks on Sunday and all the celebrations were based on our Savior.  I loved that.  And as much as I love being back in the states and celebrating the way I was raised for years... those two easters in Paraguay have affected me and my vision on the true importance of Easter & Christmas.

There is no greater Comforter.  In times where I have spiritually and physically was at exhaustion and felt like there was no possibility for me to go on, or that even the future would arrive, he was the only one that could bring me peace and hope.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alta: No greater snow on earth.

This weekend I decided to go to Alta and just escape normal everyday life.  Friday night I stayed here but had to get back to work on Saturday only to rush back to Alta that night because they were going to get interlodged... and up until yesterday I thought everyone knew what interlodged was.  19" of snow!
So today I got to spend the whole day here.  It was so nice!  Watched conference, organized the pantry... and found ingredients to cook ;)

Cooking round 1:
Since I got to Sandy in a timely manner... I was able to stop at the store and get two essentials: eggs & chocolate chips.  Result?  Chocolate chip cookies!!  And I found pecans in the cupboard (that my dad bought at Thanksgiving and never ate though intending to make pecan pie) and added it to some of them.  I made the two guys that work here happy, and gave them away.  They turned out FABULOUS!

Unfortunately when I have food in a pantry, and am interlodged... and bored... and hungry... I tend to get a little too over-creative.  I have pictures from high school to prove it.  The funniest is when I want to make something and don't have all the ingredients...

Cooking round #2
My sister-in-law is allergic to gluten, so I found a couple of boxes of gluten-free mac n cheese.  I can do mac n cheese without milk, but something about this mac n cheese wasn't good enough.  And much to my (you'll see where this is going) creative side that doesn't exactly mix well a lot of times... I found way too many boxes of lipton onion soup in the pantry.  And a can of beans.  Mix it all together? And what you'll get is... not tasty at all.

Side note: My first thoughts- How can I fix this?

Cooking round #3

Make another box of mac n cheese and throw it in so that the taste isn't that strong.  Right?  Once I saw it, I was like, "no way jose.  I need food.  I'm not going to risk it."  It was definitely better than cooking round #2, but I don't recommend ever eating gluten-free mac n cheese if you don't have to.

Cooking round #4
I found yeast and bread flour.  Idea?  My mom's famous challah bread.  And it was a miracle, it actually turned out FABULOUS!!  Why?  I had all the ingredients and followed all the directions.  Novel idea, huh?  The pan wasn't big enough...

Cooking round #5
There were 3 packs of yeast, and the first one didn't proof, the second one I didn't think proofed so I started the third one and then the second one proofed so I started making bread.  The third one then proofed and I didn't want to make another loaf of bread.  I thought about the pecans I found in the cupboard... yes.  Idea. Sticky buns.  It wouldn't be done until the morning... Part of me says just to stick with cooking rounds 1 & 4... the successful rounds.  Especially since I don't have all the ingredients for sticky buns.  Yeah.  I want to end with a success.  Dough just went in the trash.