Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alta: No greater snow on earth.

This weekend I decided to go to Alta and just escape normal everyday life.  Friday night I stayed here but had to get back to work on Saturday only to rush back to Alta that night because they were going to get interlodged... and up until yesterday I thought everyone knew what interlodged was.  19" of snow!
So today I got to spend the whole day here.  It was so nice!  Watched conference, organized the pantry... and found ingredients to cook ;)

Cooking round 1:
Since I got to Sandy in a timely manner... I was able to stop at the store and get two essentials: eggs & chocolate chips.  Result?  Chocolate chip cookies!!  And I found pecans in the cupboard (that my dad bought at Thanksgiving and never ate though intending to make pecan pie) and added it to some of them.  I made the two guys that work here happy, and gave them away.  They turned out FABULOUS!

Unfortunately when I have food in a pantry, and am interlodged... and bored... and hungry... I tend to get a little too over-creative.  I have pictures from high school to prove it.  The funniest is when I want to make something and don't have all the ingredients...

Cooking round #2
My sister-in-law is allergic to gluten, so I found a couple of boxes of gluten-free mac n cheese.  I can do mac n cheese without milk, but something about this mac n cheese wasn't good enough.  And much to my (you'll see where this is going) creative side that doesn't exactly mix well a lot of times... I found way too many boxes of lipton onion soup in the pantry.  And a can of beans.  Mix it all together? And what you'll get is... not tasty at all.

Side note: My first thoughts- How can I fix this?

Cooking round #3

Make another box of mac n cheese and throw it in so that the taste isn't that strong.  Right?  Once I saw it, I was like, "no way jose.  I need food.  I'm not going to risk it."  It was definitely better than cooking round #2, but I don't recommend ever eating gluten-free mac n cheese if you don't have to.

Cooking round #4
I found yeast and bread flour.  Idea?  My mom's famous challah bread.  And it was a miracle, it actually turned out FABULOUS!!  Why?  I had all the ingredients and followed all the directions.  Novel idea, huh?  The pan wasn't big enough...

Cooking round #5
There were 3 packs of yeast, and the first one didn't proof, the second one I didn't think proofed so I started the third one and then the second one proofed so I started making bread.  The third one then proofed and I didn't want to make another loaf of bread.  I thought about the pecans I found in the cupboard... yes.  Idea. Sticky buns.  It wouldn't be done until the morning... Part of me says just to stick with cooking rounds 1 & 4... the successful rounds.  Especially since I don't have all the ingredients for sticky buns.  Yeah.  I want to end with a success.  Dough just went in the trash. 

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