Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Easter in 3 Years

Today= First American Easter in 3 years!  My first Easter in the mission was hard, and I savored the See's Easter eggs that my mom had sent me.  No way was my Uruguayan comp getting some... I was in my first transfer in Paraguay.  I was hot, didn't understand the language, and miserable.  See's was a taste of home.  Second Easter in the mission, still didn't feel like Easter- as it just felt like every other Sunday.

Two years later, I'm enjoying See's on Easter Sunday, in the states and looking back on those memories.  I was looking forward to Easter so early this year- since March.  And to be honest, it was the commercial aspect of it I was looking forward to:  Easter dinner, East candy, decorating Easter eggs, Easter egg hunt with my niece...  purely commercial.  And what a great Easter it has been!  I've taken my first vacation in months, and got to see my family for the first time in months.  We decorated eggs, had TWO easter egg hunts (my niece is 2, we can do lots of hunts and she still loves finding eggs!), Easter candy and Easter dinner... (Which was real ham this year instead of the ham my sister got 3 years ago- she thought it was low-fat but it turned out to be canadian bacon;).

Now I look back on my mission and realize what I was missing then, I have now.  But now I'm missing what I had back then.

Easter was purely about the Resurrection of Christ.  The talks on Sunday and all the celebrations were based on our Savior.  I loved that.  And as much as I love being back in the states and celebrating the way I was raised for years... those two easters in Paraguay have affected me and my vision on the true importance of Easter & Christmas.

There is no greater Comforter.  In times where I have spiritually and physically was at exhaustion and felt like there was no possibility for me to go on, or that even the future would arrive, he was the only one that could bring me peace and hope.

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