Saturday, May 28, 2011

Being Remembered

It's memorial day weekend and I'm in good old Carlsbad for a break!  It's been so much fun to be here, I absolutely love coming home.  Tonight my parents and I went out to eat at IN-N-OUT, the store I had worked at all through high school (2 years).  It was my first job, and the best job I've ever had.

While there, I realized that it had been 5 years to the month that I had left my job at IN-N-OUT.  I couldn't believe it, I started thinking back to memories of when I had worked there and how I still remembered how to do everything.  I saw my store manager while in line, but he was busy so I didn't say anything.  Plus, it had been 5 years, so I wasn't sure if he'd remember me.

But I was totally his favorite associate, so he totally did.

When leaving I went up to the counter to say my farewell to my manager and this guy that was there when I had worked there, was still working there, he came up to me and said hi.  I didn't think that he'd remember me at all, but he knew my name and I didn't even have a name-tag on!  I was totally caught off guard because I really didn't think he'd remember me, but he did.  And it made me feel great.

I've been reading How to Win Friends and Influence people for the bajillionth time now, and a principle in the book is very true.  Peoples' first name is the single most important sounding word in the human vocabulary to that person.  And being remembered is key in making an influence on people.  I don't think Scott realized how good he made me feel when he came over (he was obviously busy wrapping burgers and it's not the burger wrappers job to greet the people at the counter, someone else could have) and said hi to me, remembering my name and asking what I've been up to.  After 5 years.  That meant a lot to me.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

I've had a goal for quite some time to donate plasma.  It's hard enough as it is for me to donate blood (we're a bunch of queezies in my family when it comes to that kind of stuff).  But, I've always wanted to donate plasma... and get over my fear of how painful it might be, what complications I might have, and all to help someone else in need (and making a few bucks while doing it doesn't hurt).

So, today was the perfect day.  I didn't have to work, didn't have school, I had a free day.  What better time to get over my fear?  I made an appointment, went to the plasma center in Salt Lake, and got a screening to donate plasma.  Throughout the whole waiting, and screening process, I kept saying prayers that everything would be ok, that I would remain calm, and it would be a successful donation.  

I'm on three different kinds of acne medication, two creams and one pill.  They're called Tazorac, Duac and Minocycline.  They're not crazy intense like acutane- but they do the job.  One of the employees there didn't recognize one of them, and had to google it during my screening.  After the entire screening process (you know, the prick of the finger that everyone says is the worst part (piece of cake) and then the whole, you know, urine sample and everything... having to go to the urine donation bathroom and clean up all the dried urine on the seat at first and then having issues myself of dropping the cup in the toilet.  Yeah, you wanted to hear that.  I had some complications...) they brought me into a nice business office, sat me down and looked up the medication in their file as it had a "permenant deferral" typed next to it.  Permenant... meaning... I can never give plasma because I currently and previously have taken the medication.  No matter how many years down the road I go without taking this cream for my face (weird... it's like lotion!) I can never donate plasma because I have taken this medication in my lifetime.  I guess I can no longer feel guilty for being scared to donate plasma!  I did my best in trying to get over my fear, right?  I did all I could, and there is honestly nothing I can do to be qualified to donate plasma.  

Isn't it ironic?  Like rain on a wedding day, a free ride when you already paid.  It's the good advice that you just didn't take...

And who would've thought?  It figures.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The NYC dream...

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go visit a friend in Virginia and my sister in Texas.  On one of my 8 flights, I landed in NYC.  NYC for some reason, I don't know what draws me to it, but I love it.  And I've never been there.  As I was flying in on that red-eye flight, I was frantically searching for the city, that I might even get a glimpse of it.  Upon flying in I was able to see the time square screen light.  While flying out- it was too sunny for me to recognize anything.  I had been so excited to visit my friend and family- yet it was heartbreaking to fly into my dream city only to not have the opportunity to stay.

While in the airport, I got a dunkin donut (never had one before- but ever since seeing While You Were Sleeping I've always wanted to try some... but they weren't that amazing...) and surprisingly everyone was super friendly there.  I always thought new yorkers were mean- but I guess most of the people I met were from Jamaica or Cuba and they were just all so friendly.  I got a postcard of New York City to put up in my room, and a NYC keychain to remind me of my dream.

Throughout my New York Crisis- I reflected back to the movie, "Auntie Mame", where she says, "Life is a banquet and most people are starving themselves to death- Live! Live! Live!"  And I couldn't help but think that I was starving myself to death- figuratively speaking.

I have dreams, things I want to accomplish, experience, places I want to visit, food I want to taste, sites I want to see.  What am I waiting for?