Friday, August 5, 2011

Pinterest: The Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Pinterest.  I'm addicted.  Go look it up.

Some of the things I have always wanted in my future home and discovered... I am not the only one!

A rock wall inside my home.  I've always tried convincing my parents to make our wall (literally made out of rocks) into a climbing wall.  Step one for most epic house ever.

Step two for most epic house ever: stairs and slide meshed into one.  Genius.

My kid will have the most amazing bedroom in his grade.

Now onto the FOOD.



 Cute ideas can be found here:

You can get inspiration...



You can find some very funny things...





 Inspirational quotes and wonderful sayings....




In a nutshell... I love pinterest.  I am on it all day at work now that I have nothing to study for!


  1. oh my gosh, I am SOOO addicted to pinterest too!!! I laughed really hard at the "friends to make up for your relatives" quote you posted. Pinterest=the greatest thing ever.