Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Weekend in "The Springs"

I was due to Colorado for a wedding for a couple of friends of mine from the mission getting married in the Denver, Colorado temple.  They both are great friends of mine; Leavitt was my MTC companion, and we lived with each other for a transfer in the mission.  Rojas was in my first district, was my zone leader, and explaining to me what was the big deal about "pregunta cuatro," (spanish missionary lingo for one of the baptismal questions.)

I love the Rojas Family (est. August 12, 2011)

I wore a dress to the wedding that I stole from my mothers closet (with her permission of course!)  Added a belt, and, vwala!  Loved it.  Funny story... it's the same dress my mother wore when she left her wedding, as well as the dress she wore to my wonderful cousin Robins' wedding.  Speaking of that wonderful cousin...

I love the Smiths.

She let me stay with her for the weekend while I was in Colorado Springs!  I had gone to her house a number of summers growing up to hang out with my 2nd cousin, Hannah.  No matter the distance between San Diego, CA and Boise, ID, and no matter how little I have the opportunity to see these wonderful people, I never feel like a stranger.  I absolutely love the Smith family.  They are some of the most kind people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life.  Besides the fact that all of their children are BRILLIANT, wonderful, beautiful and extremely talented, they have some of the best manners and are so welcoming, friendly, warm and kind.  I feel like I learn so much coming away from a stay with their family.  Hannah and I have done many silly things over those weeks in the summer that I did not repeat on this trip (mainly because my partner-in-crime was in Alaska working her tail off because she's AWESOME).  What a great cousin she is to let me stay with her so often.

I love Noah.

Noah was my visiting buddy.  He was visiting from Utah State for a couple of weeks and was a great sport, showing me around Colorado Springs with Robin.  He is SO TALL!  I hadn't seen him in years.  He is one of the most talented piano players I've ever heard in my life.  I loved listening to him play.

I love Gabe.

Gabe, what a stud.  After the wedding reception, I got to go see Gabe in action waiting on tables at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant."  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see him dance in the restaurant.  But he was a great sport and provided me with a preview before he went to work so I didn't miss out on anything.

I love Ike.

And Ike... oh how I did not get a picture with Ike.  So sad!  I meant to.  My first night with the family I had the pleasure of getting to know Ike and some of his friends he had over for pizza.  What a great group of kids!

While traveling around the springs, we had the opportunity to see the air force base, garden of the gods, and I was able to visit the Olympic Training Center!

I love the Olympics.

There was no one around when I wanted to take the picture... so, I self-timered it up!  I absolutely LOVED seeing the olympic center.  I'd love to work for the olympics someday, it wouldn't matter to me what it would be.  I made a goal when I went to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City that I would make a tradition of going to the Olympics every two years with my family when I got older.  I saw a few inspirational videos before the tour, and one of those previewed the Olympics next year in London, England.  Let's just say that video prevented me from spending money I didn't need to spend on random souvenirs from Colorado so that I can go to the Olympics next year.  I'm so excited!! I get so excited about the Olympics.  I remember being in Paraguay during the Winter Olympics in Canada.  We had the grand opportunity of going to McDonalds on our P-day (it was kind of a big deal) and the Olympics were on TV.  For a moment, I felt like I was home again.  

Great friends led me to a great trip to a state I've never been to before, take a couple of scenic drives (one of which was GORGEOUS), visit some pretty famous places, see my cousins I hadn't visited with in years, and inspire me to work even harder to achieve some entertaining and vocational goals I have in life.  What a great weekend!!


  1. You are a delight. We had such a fun weekend while you were here! I wish you were here this weekend too! Get that internship and move in all ready!

    Love you.

  2. Oh Kelsey, you lucky girl! The Smiths are truly such fun and easy going family! I love visiting them too. It sounds like you had a really great time!

  3. we make such good airplanes!