Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Annoying Californians

**Found from July 5, 2008**

To all those who are not from California- the first and most important thing you need to know about why we are the way that we are is this:

Californians are to California; as Americans are to America.

I've had the opportunity to go to school in Utah for a couple years. Being away from California for the first time for so long, took a while for me to adjust to. But the longer I lived there, the longer I was puzzled on why anyone would chose Utah over California.

Just for clarification, I understand that Californians have a horrible rep everywhere in the country;. We talk about our state a lot; whether it be a company starting out in california (i.e. Disney and Costco) to how things are said out here (i.e. It's Poin-set-tee-uh NOT Poin-sett-UH) (The plant was first brought into this country to California and there's a huge poinsettia farm just down the road from me, so please don't argue.)

I understand a lot of people have had frustrations talking with Californians, because it gets quite annoying. But you have to understand, we don't talk about how amazing our state is with each other, it's when people from other states come in and just don't understand how amazing it is that we share.

...And we need to stop.

Not because it's rude, annoying and down right obnoxious. Dudes, the more we spread about how amazing the state is, the more people will want to move here. This place is crowded as is... so let's stop. We can give eachother the nod and eye when non-Californians just don't understand what we're talking about. Let's not elaborate, because our beaches will start to look like a China beach on a sunny day.

We are proud of our state- not like Texas proud (cause fortunately, I don't understand that at ALL, but whatever it is- people should move THERE!) but it is like the analogie I gave you in the beginning.

Californians are to California as Americans are to America.Why anyone would want to live in this smog is beyond me.

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