Sunday, September 25, 2011

...a continuation of the BUCKETLIST

In addition to my previous bucketlist, I have some new things to add that I am currently feeling a very strong desire to learn.  I have so much to learn about!!  Can I please be a student forever??

1. Play the guitar- just for when I'm in my apartment and when I don't feel like doing HW.  It's a whole lot better than paroozing facebook or twitter.  I sure can't sing, but I think it would be fun to play.  I hear all these songs on the radio when I'm like, "I SO want to play this on the guitar!!"  My new roommate has a guitar and has offered to loan it to me so I can teach myself.

2. Build stuff- yes.  I want to build stuff and feel like I can be handy.  I'd love to build a desk, vanity, head/footboard, etc.  I just live in an apartment, so my roommie and I are going to start taking woodshop classes!  Oh and I want to know how to fix my sink.  So, pluming skills can fall here, too.

3. Work on a car- I can't honestly say how long I've wanted to do this.  My car has so many issues, I bet I could build a car from ground up just by watching the mechanics fix my car every time I take it in.  This one is eating at me, I have GOT to find somewhere to take classes.

4. Skateboard- This one really isn't a die-hard desire to complete.  It just looks like fun.  Then again my brother fell and had to get stitches from it so...  I'll be wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads.  Stop staring at me like I'm a dork, I'd like to protect my body thank you very much!!  I'm considering getting a helmet for skiing.  I used to think it was dorky when I was a kid but now... I think it's very smart. 

5. Drive stick-shift- I learned once when I was in high school on the CJ but my mom thought it was too rough for me to drive so... yeah.  Never happened.

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