Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cost Per Wear

**Written April 25, 2008**

My mom used to tell me stories of how my grandpa used to go to ski resorts calculating the cost per lift. The more lifts they went on, the cheaper each lift got. Same with disneyland, the more rides you went on, the cheaper each one got.

A few days ago my mom laughed at the sight of my wallet. The front has a tone of gray to the once tan color, the button to close it is no longer there because the wallet is inches thick. I even tried gluing the button on after it popped off- needless to say it didn't work, now there's a remain of old hot glue. 

The inside is covered with usernames, passwords, id numbers and addresses that I had written down over time. Sometimes when I can't remember a websites username and password, I look every where but the wallet, and one day I go to get some cash, and low and behold, there's the username and password written in my wallet in it's secret spot, along with all the other secret spots in the wallet. 

It's chocked full of frequent diner cards (something you learn to collect in Provo because they really come handy), id cards, business cards, credit and debit cards, gift cards (some I think may only have a few cents on, but I just can't stand to throw those away), rewards cards, pictures (for some reason I still have high school shots in there, oh well they make me smile when I bust them out every now and then) as well as the in-n-out treasure map of all the locations (believe me, that is the handiest thing to have.)

The back? The shame shade of grayish/tan with a long math problem that I believe was trying to calculate how much I could make in a summer.

I've had this wallet since I was 16, I received it on my birthday. It came with a tan billabong cortoroid jacket, that I eventually gave to D.I. But the wallet stayed. I've used it daily ever since, and have never, not once, considered buying a new one.


Because it does the job! When you keep something this long, it's kind of hard to let it go, and there's no need when nothing you see out there says, "Hey, that's so much cooler than my grayish-tan wallet with all my secret codes and math problems written on it." Ok, when I put it that way it sounds like it really needs replacement, but, I mean, seriously, who am I trying to impress?

Now, the math.
365 days x 4 years + 145 days in 2008
1,605 days in use.
Let's say that it cost $25
25/1605 is $.01557 per use.
That's a penny and a half per use.
This year on my 21st birthday (it's 5th) it will be a penny and third per use.
As of June 15, 2010, the cost per wear becomes $.00.

If everyone did this with everything they had, people would realize how much money they DON'T have to spend. It all adds up, you can't really tell how much money you're saving until you say, "Hey, I don't have to buy myself a new wallet. I just saved myself $25."

This wallet isn't going anywhere.

The wallet rests in peace. It was a tragic accident. And the wallet... had to go.

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