Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Provo Dating Rant #3

**Written when I lived in Provo, March 9, 2008**

Ok, so apparantly I'm having more dating rants that I thought I would... but I'm in Provo so I guess it's bound to happen.

It's when you get text messages like this, after talking to someone for 30 minutes because they just wanted someone to talk to, and you can't go anywhere cause you're at work, and it's dead inside the store, and there's no way to get them to leave you alone... so you decide there's no way out and just be friendly and talk, and then they get your number, because they showed great nervousness in prepping for it... that makes me want to get out of this scene:

"Hello pretty girl! This is John from the student store- you know, the tall blonde with glasses that hit on you? I hope you remember Kelsy, because I can not get you out of my head. It's been a long time since I have felt romantic feelings between me and a girl I could stare at you all day, deep into your eyes wondering what you really feel underneath the giggling and flirtiness. I hope to see you again soon- maybe we can meet on campus for lunch. TTYL, your friend John"

Again, I talked to him for 30 minutes, about guys and girls and why he's in Utah, (to get married). I was just nice and friendly, but seriously, SERIOUSLY? People REALLY say this to people they DON'T KNOW??

P.S. Don't worry, my friend says that my biggest strength is my biggest weakness. So to lead him on no further, I just him know that he was looking for things I wasn't. The end.

I was going to alter the name, but I decided for the sake of other ladies in the Provo area, it was best to get the name out there. Just in case he is headed your way!

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