Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Provo Dating Rant

**I no longer live in Provo- but this is taken from Jan 24, 2008**

For all of you who come to Provo that live elsewhere outside of Utah... for school, work, or just for the heck of living in an area with kids your age who believe in the same thing... you'll understand me in this plea against Utah.

What's up with the whole dating scene??

I'm from a coastal city in southern California called Carlsbad (if you didn't know that... I just don't know why we're even friends.) This is how the dating scene usually starts out back home: If a guy met a girl whom he thought was someone he could enjoy spending his time with, he would invite the girl to hang out with his friends, or ask to be invited the next time her friends were doing something with her. She would then return the favor (obviously, if she felt the same towards him), and they'd develop a friendship over time. (Note: most who read this will think that "he could enjoy spending his time with" and "if she felt the same towards him" mean that they are speculating each other to see if they could be possible E.C.'s. No. They think, as well as their friends, that, "Hey, this person is cool. We should be friends with them.")

Definition of Friendship (to all those who might be confused as to what this odd relationship is): the state of being friends (or friendly) 

Now after this period of time of being friends, if there was more than just a level of friendship underneath the surface, it would arise. But until then, they'd continue just hanging out, being friends. And hanging out doesn't always mean with a whole bunch of people. Hanging out is also an accepted term if it is just a guy and girl doing something together.

Who would've thought... being friends, being comfortable around each other before they went out on an official "date"?... Oh man, that just takes all the fun out of an awkward first date. Who would want to do that??

Remember, this is from a girl who does not come from the city of Orem, Provo, or the state of Utah.

Now I'm in Utah, and it's a totally different scene. Don't get me wrong, Provo is an AWESOME place to be, I love the fact that there's so many amazing people I have been able to meet and am privilidged to call them my friends. It's interesting, though, to see the determination of recently returned missionaries who once were determined to share the gospel with as many people as they possibly could... completely 180 when they get home in their determination to find a wife.

Thus, the dating scene begins.

There's none of this hanging out nonsense that those wack-o Californians talk of... these guys get straight down to business. Date. If you didn't like her the first time, why waist money on another man's wife again- right??

Now, is the plea for the first date. If you can't see her being your EC by day one? You're looking for all the wrong things. You're looking for something much deeper than what you're given, and you can't plant your foot on anything on a first date. 

This probably slipped all those eager men and womens minds when they ran straight into the dating wall... but the person you spend the rest of your life with (or even eternity), you won't be "dating" the whole time. You'll be... oh what's the phrase... hanging out. Cause that's all you do when you're married... hang out.

To readers digest summary my first and probably only public provo rant... can people just chill out, relax, and have some fun without the "could they be my EC" attached?

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