Sunday, October 23, 2011

My understanding of the new diet

A discussion on how I'm coming to an understanding of this new diet:

Suzanne: "Can you eat a breakfast burrito at 8:30?"
Kelsy: "Yeah, wait, no, wait, what? I thought we had a shake at 6."
Suzanne: "That's the 1st breakfast, this is 2nd breakfast."
Kelsy: "SWEET! Yes. I can totally do second breakfast."
Suzanne: "Ok, snack is at 11..."
Kelsy: "When's 2nd snack?"
Suzanne: "There is no second snack. Lunch is at 1:30..."
Kelsy: "When's second lunch?"
Suzanne: "There is no second lunch. Dinner is at 4:30..."
Kelsy: "... there's no second dinner either?"
Suzanne: "That's at 7."
Kelsy: "SWEET! When's dessert?"
Suzanne: "... oh yeah, there's 1st and 2nd dessert, the diet book just forgot to put it in there. And we're waking up at 4 to workout."
Kelsy: "This diet sucks."

Suzanne said I needed a motivational picture.  I thought she was going to show me a picture like this:

Or like this:

Instead, this is what Suzanne said should be my motivation picture:

Now after you are disgusted and appalled that I would even put this up (don't worry, I was, too) notice that it is a black woman, wearing caucasian leggings.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interesting study habits, really good at procrastination, or ADHD?

I sit down to study, "I have to turn this in tomorrow. Oh wait, I need to get my laundry done." 
10 minutes later...
"Ok, seriously, laundry is in, focus. Wait, I haven't had lunch." 
5 minutes later...
"Time to focus. My desk is a disaster. Speaking of disasters, I have a pile of clothes on my chair. Clean-up time." 
10 minutes later...
"Alright, book is open, this is it. Not leaving my room until it's done. Oh that's right, I was going to clean my computer since it hasn't been cleaned since 2006." 
20 minutes later...
"Ok, I'm reading. This is good, wait, do people understand this whole illegal immigrants get in-state tuition thing? My parents are legal, they've been paying taxes for DECADES and I have to pay nonresident tuition? I MUST tweet about this." Tweets lead to facebook.
30 minutes later...
"Going in for the kill, seriously this time. Oh shoot, I need to mail in that rebate and return the random package I got." 
15 minutes later...
"', property tax, and, in some cases, federal and state income taxes which are withheld from their paychecks...' I shouldn't have put my study habits as my facebook status. That's blog worthy."

Seriously this time. I'm not blogging, tweeting, updating anything until I get this done.

Wait, what? Last nights modern family is on hulu today? Sorry paper, you just might have to wait another 20 minutes or so.

My computer IS really clean...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DON'T go to Nick's Auto Group in La Mesa, CA; DO get your work done by EL TIGRE in Salt Lake City

August, 2010
I buy a car that had a 30-day warranty and on day 31 everything decided to break.  Just one thing after another.  First, it was the radiator and water coolant.  I had to replace my entire radiator, heating core, AC unit, and water coolant, I was recently told I had to replace the entire back unit for tail lights bc of the wiring, my window stopped rolling up, my blinkers and hazard lights stopped working, and to top it off,

December, 2010
I finally cave because of the freezing cold, and replace the heating core.

January, 2011
I can be a typical girl. Not thinking about registration, I parked my car on a public street and was ticketed 2 times in one week for not having registered plates (I HATE university parking).  Nick's Auto Group in La Mesa, CA NEVER got my car registered.  My dad had to go down there and force them to do the registration by threatening to file a lawsuit for never getting their work done- even 8 months after the sale.  Their excuse was that their DMV person was sick...  for 8 months?

June, 2011
I replaced my AC unit because I was sweating from every pore.  Oh yeah... my engine light went on and I found out I had a big problem with my transmission.  One that out of 3 shops, no one knew the problem.  I was told to drive the car until it just... dies.  Then rebuild the transmission, a $2-3,000 cost for parts alone.

August, 2011
Blinkers and hazard lights quit working.

Goal before November 1, 2011
"What needs to get done so I can pass safety and emissions, get my car registered in Utah, so I don't have to pay out-of-state tuition?"  I had to get a new license, file for a duplicate title (because the the shady auto group I bought my car from never got me a title, either), wait for the title, and then be able to register my car.

September, 2011
Window stops rolling up.

October, 2011
But wait, oh that's right... things just keep going wrong with my car.  I got my blinker and hazard lights fixed, had the test, and I failed the safety and emissions because my emergency break didn't work, my tail light was out and my engine light went on.  Moral of the story of the year: Girl can't catch a break.

BEST PART OF THIS STORY: Today I was ready to tackle it all.  Get things done.  Get things fixed, approved and registered.  I woke up at 8, got myself packed before my trip to California and then drove to El Tigre's shop in Salt Lake (on the corner of Main & 900 S).  El tigre (that's what they call him, seriously) had assisted me a week ago when I failed the safety test with the lady that works in the same shop as him.  I started speaking to him in spanish and we instantly became friends.  He checked my car out for free and told me to come back so he could fix it- and he gave me a very reasonable price.  At first he said I looked like a millionaire so he was going to charger me a ton, but when I came back later I was in sweats and a sweatshirt and asked if I looked like a millionaire anymore, so he wouldn't charge me so much.  Today when I went, he not only did he find out that what I thought was wrong wasn't wrong, and that he just needed to tighten a few things.  I asked him to clear my computer so I could pass my emissions test and get the engine light off and I had told him that I always wanted to learn how to work on cars.  I had called him on his cell (he gave it to me!) and he came in earlier than anticipated just to help me out.  He started teaching me some things on the car, like the spark plugs, the oil filter, the transmission, etc.  He practically saved me because he checked the oil and I had been driving it practically just on gas.  He drove me to an auto store to buy oil (bc it was clean out of oil), we got oil and an oil filter and drove back to fill it up.  (I swear it's leaking somewhere, I JUST filled it up- promise!) He couldn't help but laugh at me that I was driving it without oil, mocking me saying in a girly voice, "Yeah I filled it up- in 2003."  He helped me clean my spark plugs and told me to watch my oil and if it's starts running out rather quickly then to come back and he'd show me how to put on an oil filter.  Best part?  For all of his help- getting there early, checking out my brakes, tightening, checking my transmission, clearing my computer, driving me to a local auto store to buy oil and filling it up... he only charged me $40.  That's it.  It was like we were long-time buddies and he was just so nice about everything.  But I didn't have cash so I drove back to my apartment in Holladay, got my debit, went to an ATM, (all in hopes that maybe I'd be able to make it to the DMV in Draper- I hear that's where the lines are shortest- to register my car before my flight) called the DMV and asked if there was a wait time (nope) found a closer DMV in hopes that it wouldn't take me too long and I could get it done before my trip, went to the DMV, was in, out, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, I had my registration, went back to pay el tigre in cash, drove to a new hotel where I parked my car out while being in California for a few days (they were the cheapest to park a car there at a daily rate than all the others around them), found out that I didn't have to pay them as long as I was a patron of some sort buy a purchase, was able to borrow a flat head (at which the concierge thought I was asking for a person, I had to explain to him what a flathead was), got my plates changed (sad day but was bound to happen) and managed to get a shuttle to the airport AN HOUR AND 20 MINUTES BEFORE MY FLIGHT.   AND I was one of the last ones on the flight and still managed to get the front row, aisle seat, while all the other seats open were middle seats AND I drank water from an aluminum can for the first time. Say whaaaat??

It couldn't have worked out more perfect.  I called southwest to see how much it would be to change my flight to a later time so I could get my car registered at the DMV before I left.  Because it cost more, I decided to not do that and race to the finish.  It was fun and the Lord was looking out for me.  Just when I think things couldn't get any rougher with my car and never work out- there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  I could not believe how perfectly everything worked out today!  And I'M ENDING IT IN SAN DIEGO!!!  What more could I ask for?! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mission Reunion

Paraguay Asuncion North Mission Reunion
September 30, 2011

Last night I had the opportunity to go to my mission reunion.  The last time I went was a year ago, I didn't get to go in April.  I was slightly hesitant on whether or not I wanted to go, and I don't know why.  But I went, and I am so incredibly glad that I did!  We mingled a little bit beforehand, and then we had President and Hermana Wade talk to us as a group.  Everyone introduced themselves, stated where they were and what they were doing.  To which, I responded, "I go to the University of Utah, go Cougars!"

In the main photo are wonderful hermanas that I had the opportunity to work with in Paraguay.  Leavitt (far left) was my MTC companion and was also a in  a trio with me for a week in the mission.  We lived with each other for 2 changes in the mission, 9 weeks in the MTC, a total of 5 months.  I was so blessed to have her as my first companion.  We used to have "Paraguay moments"; when we got so sick and tired of being in the MTC, we'd look on for anything pertaining to Paraguay to motivate us again and get us excited.  I had the opportunity to attend her sealing with another good mission friend this past August.

Hermana Nelson (2nd to the left) was my companion for a total of 3 days.  I think 3?  I can't remember.  But they were the most relieving 3 days of the last transfer in my mission.  I had a companion that was so sick that she couldn't work anymore and I felt like something was leeching the fire out of me.  Having Hermana Nelson and her excitement for the work got me motivated about working in my area again.  It was only 3 days but she did wonders for me.

Hermana Henderson (far right) was my companion for 2 changes.  We had so many good times together.  We definitely had a ton of highs, and our lows.  But I love this girl to death.  She shares some of our hilarious mission stories here:  
She made me drink a fish.

Hermana Wade
I could not have asked for a more understanding mother of the mission. Hermana Wade helped me during the one of roughest times during my mission. I had a companion that had a different view of the mission than I did, and it really brought me to the first time in my mission when I felt failure. Hermana Wade listened to my horrible cries on the phone when I didn't know what else to do, she gave me the best advice that anyone could have given me at the time. She is an amazing woman, and truly in touch with the spirit. I admire her faith, kindness and friendship dearly.

President Wade
Good old, P.Wade. How I love this man. If I ever had to stick up for him in the Heavens, I'd do it instantly- though I don't ever see that happening. I can say this with no exaggeration that P. Wade changed my life. He saved me from myself, making horrible decisions that I would have regretted forever. There is truth in what Elder Oaks said in the April 2009 conference, there's something to be learned from those who have gone before you. They have experience, and they know what they're talking about. I can not express my gratitude and my love for what he has taught me, and I will never let any of my kids live without knowing that this was an amazing man who, like his wife, is incredibly in-touch with the spirit in order to lift others up. He is a living example of becoming a tool in the Lord's hands.