Sunday, October 23, 2011

My understanding of the new diet

A discussion on how I'm coming to an understanding of this new diet:

Suzanne: "Can you eat a breakfast burrito at 8:30?"
Kelsy: "Yeah, wait, no, wait, what? I thought we had a shake at 6."
Suzanne: "That's the 1st breakfast, this is 2nd breakfast."
Kelsy: "SWEET! Yes. I can totally do second breakfast."
Suzanne: "Ok, snack is at 11..."
Kelsy: "When's 2nd snack?"
Suzanne: "There is no second snack. Lunch is at 1:30..."
Kelsy: "When's second lunch?"
Suzanne: "There is no second lunch. Dinner is at 4:30..."
Kelsy: "... there's no second dinner either?"
Suzanne: "That's at 7."
Kelsy: "SWEET! When's dessert?"
Suzanne: "... oh yeah, there's 1st and 2nd dessert, the diet book just forgot to put it in there. And we're waking up at 4 to workout."
Kelsy: "This diet sucks."

Suzanne said I needed a motivational picture.  I thought she was going to show me a picture like this:

Or like this:

Instead, this is what Suzanne said should be my motivation picture:

Now after you are disgusted and appalled that I would even put this up (don't worry, I was, too) notice that it is a black woman, wearing caucasian leggings.

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