Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Good Tradition Never Dies

Every year my family and I have Thanksgiving in Utah. We've been coming up to Utah the week of Thanksgiving ever since I can remember. We spend it with good family friends (I'd say they're more family than some of our extended family), the Eakins, who live in Sandy. Each year the two families come together and traditions are made, funny memories are remembered and new traditions and stories are made for future years.

We kicked it off this year with a full day of skiing at Alta (where else?) This was a monumental year! Steve went skiing! And from what I've heard, he's had a blast skiing. This was absolutely fantastic! Kaitlin & I spent the two hours he was in a lesson taking over the slopes- which was her first time in 6 years! What a trooper.

What a beautiful day for skiing!

Later in the afternoon I skiied with Christian & Juanita. We were the last ones on sugarloaf- which felt great.

This year is different, not in a bad way, but different in that Jean & Jim, the parents of the Eakins, recently left on a mission for Guam. Jean is the master at making killer dinner rolls, and Jim is always the master of carving the turkey each year. None of the other Eakins kids planned on coming out for Thanksgiving... only Jenna. Who lives in her parents house, and had no other option but to entertain the Welch's for Thanksgiving. We had some new and fun memories this year. One being that Jenna saved the day by nervously cooking the turkey even though she had no idea how to, and no one was around to help her.

Followed by Buddy completely pooping in the middle of the kitchen where everyone was walking around and cooking, rather than finding solitude to poop on carpet somewhere hidden. And the Welch's do one thing absolutely fantastic- play cards while the Eakins prepare us dinner.

Doing what Welch's do best.

Don't be fooled by this shot. We really did help out. Jenna was right there playing with us because we were just waiting on the rolls to rise. But here are some other photos to prove we really did help out:
Cleaning up
Dad doing dishes.
Juan was really more helpful that this picutre portrays...
The dog man.

Here at this Thanksgiving tradition with the Welch's & Eakins, we don't know how to accomodate for a smaller party of 8. We only know how to cook for the masses. We had enough matinelli's so that each person could have their own bottle, and then some.

We had enough pies so that each person could have an entire pie, and then some.

Jenna made two different kinds of rolls recipes.

She was hesistant if they would turn out, and after the dough finally rising it became known as the "Thanksgiving miracle!"

Two different kinds of stuffings were made (and the corn bread stuffing was a HIT and is definitely a new tradition!) And a double recipe of the pink fluff was made as well... which we barely made a dent in though it was so dang delicious.
Steve and I peeled 10 lbs. of bite-size potatoes; him with a peeler, and me with a knife- which looked like we didn't even touch after dinner. Dad became the turkey carver this year, and for the first time in years, sat at the head of the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Why is it that Thanksgiving dinner, out of all the dinners in the year, fills you up the quickest? No one had any room for pie after dinner. We went straight to see the Muppet movie (HIT! Loved it.) and then had pie afterwards.

"What is it with people when you give them a camera, they turn into idiots!"

Friday after Thanksgiving, we always go to see the lights on Temple Square- another great tradition.
"I've been blinded by the light!" Wait for it... "Oh, haha, I get it."

We went over to see the lights at the conference center and went up stairs. Unknowingly to me, Jenna had asked how to get outside to someone working there and she said we had to go downstairs, outside, and then up the stairs outside. I saw a door and said, "Let's go outside." Jenna said, "We can't, it's locked." I went over and pushed on it, "No it's not..." Jenna whispered, "Hurry! Walk fast! Walk fast! Walk fast!" We then rushed outside laughing hysterically- followed by a man telling us we couldn't walk out that door.

Jenna was consistently taking photos for her parents so that they could feel like they were actually there.  Dad began taking photos on his cell phone and so Christian and I decided to jump into his photo. When Dad decided to jump into Jenna's photo- she kicked him out.

A bright red face after a bitter-cold day of skiing!

Thanksgiving is a week I get so excited for. I love traditions, being with my family and close friends, and creating memories. It's my favorite holiday of the year, because of our solid tradition of coming to Utah. All of the kids in both families have grown up, most are married & have kids, and not everyone can come out each year. But it's fun for those who can make it. I'd like to call us "the keepers of tradition" in the families.

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