Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanks

Each day of this month I have recorded what I am grateful for. Most of the time, the thanks that I give pertains to something that has happened that day- which reminds me of the Lords hand in my life on a daily basis. There is something to be grateful for in each day.

1. Heaters
2. Air conditioners
3. Carpet
4. Clean water from the tap that I don't have to bleach or boil to avoid parasites
5. Snow.  (It's so beautiful, and so much fun to ski in!)
6. Church leaders who show up to church on time and prepared
7. Public servicemen such as: police officers, firemen, paramedics and alert systems
8. That I have made some good friends in my classes this semester
9. My jobs. I can never complain about work. "HERE'S TO JOBS!" (Thanksgiving '08)
10. My ability to read & write.
11. Nyquil, Dayquil, Halls cough drops & sore throat remedies
12. Umbrellas (I used for both sunshine and rain in Paraguay- mostly snow here in Utah)
13. The Eakins, my only family in Utah.
14. Pinterest, because I honestly could not come up with anything this creative on my own.
15. Long-distance relatives- it makes the visits much more meaningful
16. The gospel.
17. My Savior.
18. I have a deep gratitude for when someone remembers me.
19. My mom.
20. Happy moments.
21. Kory who stuck w/ me through 26.2 miles of laughs, songs, worries, pain & celebration
22. Memories of the mission
23. Siblings & in-laws who enjoy skiing
24. Very grateful that the Thanksgiving movie was so easy to chose this year. And that mom sold the boat so we can keep the condo & traditions.
25. Hand & feet warmers. And fireplaces for when they don't work.
26. A car. I mean it. Even though it's been breaking everywhere, I'm glad I have it.
27. Grateful for Christmas lights. I love Christmas lights, celebrating the season, and grateful for people who say, "Merry Christmas."
28. I'm grateful that I had covered parking for at least 2 months. Now it's gone, someone moved into that designated apartment. But I'm glad I didn't have to scrape off ice for 2 months! In process of finding another empty apartment so I can park in their spot...
29. The United States and EVERYTHING it stands for
30. What an excellent way to end November, a day full of thanks and surprises: SUPER grateful that tickets are selling for my event on Saturday, that the copy machine worked at Kinkos to get the fliers printed, that I nailed my mock interview, grateful that I didn't get attacked on the way to my car on the night I don't have my mace with me, for the trees lit up on Foothill that make me smile every time I drive to and from school, grateful that I have made good friendships, that things I was having anxiety about I suddenly became excited for... today was a good day. Full of things to be grateful for.

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