Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I absolutely love this show. It's one of the few (if any) shows I make sure to hulu each week since I don't have cable. It's like a movie... a very long movie that reminds me of Lost in that it tells you a story about a specific character in each episode and takes you to their past... and you start seeing the connections within the storyline.

I do have some questions:

1. If everyone in Storybrook is a fairy tale character- who is the Sheriff??
2. If David was in the hospital for years in Storybrook, how did his wife not know he was in the hospital in her hometown? Or does she not live in Storybrook? And if not, how did he get out of Storybrook since no one can leave Storybrook??
3. Ginnifer Goodwin is a movie actress, I'm curious as to how many seasons it will last?
4. If it lasts longer than one season, do you think they would have a totally horrible ending like Lost because they dragged it out too long? I hope they won't do that, it would let their audience down!

Doesn't hurt that Prince Charming is ridiculously good looking either.

I love each episode, but I really enjoyed this past Sundays'... "The Shepard." I totally related with Jennifer Goodwins' character what she said in the last scene:

"You ever walk into a situation where you know exactly what's going to happen? And then you go into it anyways. And then when what you're afraid of happens, you kick yourself because you should've known better. But that's just who you are, as if you're just punishing yourself."

I guess that's just what happens to hopeless romantics... too often! It worked out well for her in He's Just Not That Into You so I guess I have no choice but to keep pushing on. (Terrible and raunchy movie by the way. I don't recommend it. Unless you need to learn the lessons that are taught... then find a clean version of it. I often find myself asking girls telling me stories about guys if they've ever seen the movie... because they're just not that into them.)


  1. 1. The Huntsman
    2. His wife's memory is that they had a fight and he left her.
    3. She's in terrible movies and this show is a bigger deal
    4. They have multiple fairy tale lines to work, it's got a good 4 seasons in it.

  2. Joe and I are watching Once Upon a Time, and we're into it.

    Here are my (best guessed) answers to your questions:
    1. The Sheriff is the Woodsman who the evil queen sent to kill Snow White and bring back her heart, but at the last moment he couldn't do it, and saved Snow White and took the heart of a deer instead. I think that is right, I think that if you go back and watch the first episode it's the same actor, but I'm not certain because I'm not about to go back and watch it to find out.
    2. Amnesia Dave and his estranged wife--this storyline doesn't hold up well at all. Yes they both live in Storybrook, no they've never left, yes this creates a major problem with the plot of his amnesia "story" and that his wife never would have visited him in the hospital of that little town, and that he was "John Doe" for so many years.
    3. Dunno.
    4. I hope they wrap the entire series up in one season with a great finale that ties up all the loose ends. Two seasons max. But, I vow this, if the screen writing starts to go down hill and pull all kinds of whacky thing just to continue on and on, I will abort ship! I think I can only invest one season in this show.

    Here is my question: Does the Mayor (evil queen) have complete memory of the curse and her true identity? Or is she, like everyone else, confused and bit by bit catching glimpses of her past and putting the puzzle together? Different episodes give different interpretations. I think the writers of the script want to keep it vague to keep some tension there. They've done a pretty good job of making her more dimensional than just a straight up devil-woman. Even though she is obviously wicked and evil, there are moments when they write her sympathetic enough to the viewer to wonder if maybe she could change and become a good person in the end. I think this element is key to the shows success.

  3. At the very beginning of each show when they review the pilot, they always say, "There's only one who knows the truth..." and then show the Mayor. But then again, Rumplestiltskin seems like he knows what's going on, too! Especially this past episode when Dave went into his pawn shop and he had that evil grin on his face when he began remembering his past.

  4. I'm one of an apparently microscopically small group that liked the LOST finale. Speaking of which...some major flashbacks this week, thanks to the "Shepherd" theme and the presence of evil Charles Widmore. I wonder if Alan Dale has children, and I wonder if they wonder if he deliberately sabotages their every attempt to find true love.

    I also was curious who the sheriff was supposed to be, but the Huntsman scenario makes sense. Is the goodhearted skank that works at the diner supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood?

    Over the last few years, TV has become at least as prestigious as movies, and many bigger stars than Goodwin have switched to the small screen, so no worries there. And since this is a broadcast network show, it will stay on the air as long as it is popular and profitable, even if the storytelling suffers as a result.