Sunday, December 11, 2011

Taken for Granted

I've realized that there's things I truly appreciated and absolutely looked forward to on my mission that I hoped I'd continue afterwards. It's amazing how time gets filled so quickly and the ambitions I once had slowly fade away until one day I realize, "Wait a second, this is great... why haven't I been doing this the whole time?"

Here are some things that I take for granted, that I truly appreciated as a missionary:

1. The Ensign. I loved it, loved reading the stories in it... it was like a mini- general conference each month.
2. Temple worship. We could only go once every 6 months, which made me appreciate the value of it more.
3. Visiting teaching. Almost all of the wards I served in had a completely broken visiting teaching program that many souls could have been saved by if they were fixed... and I vowed that when I came back that I would do my duty to make it successful in my ward.
4. Lesson manuels. There's a reason why there are teacher and student manuals, so students can prepare and get the most out of their sunday school lessons.
5. Service opportunities. We looked for them everywhere. Now... I just occupy my time with work and school when I know I'm happiest when I am helping others.

Would the missionary I was a year and a half ago be disappointed in who I had become today? I don't think so... but definitely saddened that I didn't try harder to accomplish these goals I had set to do as frequently as possible. It's possible to do, and I need to remember why I had these goals in the first place: to strengthen my faith and testimony, to not give into temptation, and to be an example of the believers.

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