Sunday, January 8, 2012


So... resolutions. The one time I've actually made a resolution I almost stuck with was when I was in high school working at IN-N-OUT. I decided that I wouldn't eat any fried foods. I stuck with that, with a strong willpower... even though I worked with fries all day. Until November. I have no idea what happened, but I caved. It was so easy. I think there was a huge pile of fries that were fresh, hot, golden, and were going to get thrown away for some reason and I couldn't let them do it. So I broke my resolution. It wasn't a lifestyle change, because I love fries. But, I almost made it.

I've been thinking about goals and things I've been wanting to achieve that are achievable. Things that aren't just a "let's see if I can go this long doing this..." but really something that can help me change my character and be a better person, be a better me. So, as I have thought about goals for over a month now, here's what I've compiled:

1. Never miss an opportunity to make a friend. I just met a number of people today that are amazing, and a couple of them are leaving the country soon. I've seen them before, but never introduced myself. What kinds of friendships had I been missing out on because I didn't stop and say hi?

2. Take more risks, and be more spontaneous. I've often wondered what people mean when they say, "live life to the fullest." What does that even mean? I thought about it and came to the conclusion that, for me, to live life to the fullest is to take more risks. Why not? What's holding me back? Fear of... Failure? Success? Embarrassment? Rejection? I can open myself up to many more opportunities by taking more risks.

3. Take every opportunity given to serve others. I feel like as a college student my life is so much absorbed with me: my grades, my job, my internship, my calling, my comforts, my car, my dating life, my health... when in reality, I'm happiest when I'm not thinking about myself and when I'm helping others.

At first I thought I wouldn't share this because I thought that I needed to keep my goals personal. But honestly, there is no better way to try and keep a goal than to share it with others so that they can remind you of them, and catch you where you might slip.

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