Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sundance People Watching

Ever wondered what kind of people go to Sundance? I was at a Sundance party tonight and saw just about every single one of these people there.

"PIBS" aka people in black. They want to be noticed for their diverse creativity for horrible pornographic, dramatic-filled, yet seems to be considered artistic forms of creating independent films. You also may feel a sort of gagging sensation in your stomach as they begin to talk to you about art and film.

Disco-going blah blahs. Whether or not it's 10 degrees outside or -10 degrees, you will always find these girls in mini skirts with very sheer (if any) nylons on ready to hit up the clubs and dance with the stars... if they can get into any.

Money-makers. You know, the one couple that shows up and the guy wears cuff-links, a pink tie, with a tuxedo, shiny shoes. These guys had money to spend on tickets to a party like this. They want to be noticed. And they're the ones that college girls pretend are famous to confuse their friends later on. (aka JIMBO :)

The "uh-oh's". The ones that realize that this party isn't really their scene. What did they get themselves into...

Old men. This can be confused with money-makers, since most are old men. There's a difference. It seems as if old men come to this for an opportunity to rob the cradle. Get away from me... you were probably on your 2nd divorce when I was playing kissy-girls in kindergarten.

Hipsters. Seriously... hipsters were so 2009.

Drunks. I'm hardly ever around people drinking. In fact, I never am except when I work certain events like Sundance. It's disgusting what alcohol turns people into doing, why would anyone not want control of themselves? That's a rant for another day... I had to hold peoples glasses for them, and it reminded me of when I was in culinary school and had to cook with wine. It was the first time I smelled it and I hated the smell of it, still do. There is not one thing about alcohol that is appealing to me. I'd like a virgin cuba libre in a tall glass please on the rocks, and could you make that a diet?

True Sundance People, granolas, also confused with but very similar to... locals. These guys show up in their beanies they've had since they were twelve, a sweet patagonia jacket and surrells. It's cold outside, they know it, and they're going everywhere comfortable. I like these people.

Groupies. "Oh my gosh!! There's a huge line there! It must be hoppin, there must be stars. Who do you think we'll see?!" I am guilty of falling into this group. I've learned from previous experiences that this star-struck-domness curse that I have must be leeched out somehow.

I love the atmosphere of Sundance, I really do. It's just so much fun being in Park City during this time. Beware of Pizza and Pasta on Main St. though- they jack up their prices during this time of the year.

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