Friday, March 23, 2012

When in New York...

Flashback to May of last year when I created this post. I promised myself I would follow Auntie Mames advice, "LIVE LIVE LIVE" and get myself to New York. I bought a NY keychain at the time (it broke last semester) and a postcard to put up on my wall to remind me of the dream. Well my friends, I made it happen.
For the past week after being home from New York, I have been struggling to find time to write in my journal about all my experiences and fun times. I have a very full and busy schedule, and that didn't change when I went to New York... no break for me! But here I am, finding time to blog about it. Maybe I'll just copy and paste this post into my journal.

I went with Anna (a friend from school), Ryan (a friend from Sam's Club), and Jocelyn (a friend from home.) I had issues packing, because I brought a LOT of jackets. So, once I got to the airport and my luggage was 57 lbs, I had to do some repacking. We were talking about while getting on the plane, and began talking with the two girls in front of us. They were fun, and we found out that we were on the same flight both there and back, and exchanged numbers to hang out sometime in the week. Their names are Lauren and Tierra, and you will be seeing pictures of them in the blog.

The first thing we did in New York was go to get rush tickets to How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starring Nick Jonas. We were SO cold! Ryan and I had flown in that morning, we dropped off our luggage, met up with Anna who had flown in the day before, and went straight there. My toesies almost fell off, and I realized, once again, that mom is always right. It IS cold in New York! While in line, we were joking about how we were getting "rush" tickets. Ryan had no clue what rush tickets are, and thought it was a band. When the guy came out to tell us all in line what was going on, Ryan asked who he was, and we told him it was the new lead guitarist of the band. We thought we were all joking around, but Ryan was serious. He had no clue what we were waiting in line for, and thought it was to see a band called rush.

The play was awesome. It was the second Broadway play I've seen (flashback to Wicked in LA, 2008, with my parents, Aunt Linda and cousin Sally). I thoroughly enjoyed it, and we had third row seats!

Our hotel was just a half a block away from times square, perfect location! We were in times square every day.

Saturday night, we decided to venture out to the oh so famous Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate. Now, I was told that the wait would be long, but that I was going to wait for this frozen hot chocolate, no matter how long the wait was. And it was SO worth it! This was by far my most favorite dessert the entire trip. SO DELICIOUS. And, we definitely came back here again for seconds later on in the week.

 Now let's talk about Max Brenner, the chocolate man. We went here for brunch, and they served chocolate with everything. We had two different kinds of omletes, and they were served with sides of both milk and white chocolate. We also ordered the "chocolate syringe" and that is definitely what you see, the bottom of the photo. We went back here again later on in the week, it was much busier then and it was SO GOOD.

What to do in New York, while on vacation, on a Sunday? We went to the MET, and this museum was HUGE. We didn't get to see all of it before the museum closed. It was very interesting.

 Monday we went to lunch at Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn, which I thought was delightful. On our way, we met up found our airport friends in times square and dragged them along with us. Since we were tourists, and we had no idea where we were going, we made friends with a Jewish man on the subway named Solomon, that led us the way there. Then we walked the Brooklyn bridge into lower Manhattan. That was actually very fun! The skyline was so fun to see.
This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. From left to right, Anna, Tierra, Ryan, Me and Lauren.
We headed over to the World Trade Center site after the bridge, and it was just so surreal. 10 years ago, I wouldn't have pictured where I was that day. I couldn't believe that I was where it had all happened. The most meaningful part of the memorial was the survivor tree. It was recovered a month after the attacks under all the rubble, the last living thing there. I'm really glad they kept it for the great symbolism that it shares.
Let's take a walk down wall street, shall we?
These were the most expensive chocolates I've ever purchased in my life. On wall street. It was fun seeing all those suits walking up and down the street... SUIT UP! I have said it before and I will say it time and time again, men look ridiculously handsome in suits.
Later that night we took a subway, and it was about 10:30 or so, and we had the car to ourselves. So, what did we do? What you obviously do when you have a subway car to yourself... jump and dance around! It was like we were kids or something...
We went to the inspirational bar for "How I Met Your Mother" and order nachos. Why? Because there is an episode when everyone at the bar is communicating telepathically about how to get Ted to bleach his hair, Ted on the other hand, thinks that they're all telepathically communicating about what to eat... and then he orders, you guessed it, nachos. You have to see it to understand the humor... the show is so funny!

Tuesday morning, and breakfast at Tiffany's on 5th is where we were. We quite possibly had the best cheapest breakfast ever.
Later we went shopping on canal street. OK people, I've heard stories, but it was just such a funny experience to be a part of. When I got up from the subway, a little asian woman starts saying, "Tiffany, Prada, Gucci..." and all these high-end names. I'm like, "Tiffanys?" She said, "follow me." I followed her for about two blocks, as she talked on her phone, coordinating the heist. We walked around a corner and someone handed another woman a backpack and she started pulling out all that she had. The purses they had on lamenated pages, and you would tell them what you wanted and they'd go bring it to you. All of them had bluetooths in their ears, and when Ryan wanted a watch, they walked with him somewhere else. And sometimes there was a man who was just walking around and pulled out what we wanted in his pocket and walked away. Another time they ran into the restaurant to get the goods. Some stores had perfumes like Chanel, and would make a quick phone call and someone would run into the store with the product in a brown bag. It was all QUITE the experience!

 Ryan may or may not have fallen asleep every single time we sat down.

If you know me, you know of my passionate hate for bros. This t-shirt was an epic win for me.
Our hotel was right around the corner from a fire station. We heard the sirens throughout the night, and I was curious as to why they were leaving so often. Anna and I walked by them one night (after seeing Mary Poppins - really not that great of a broadway show - and going to a jazz club) and I decided to ask them. They responded with, "it's this thing called fire..." We later we out and brought them donuts, and asked them to make the sirens extra loud for us that night, knowing we were going to be woken up no matter what. Sure enough, 5am, we heard a siren extra louder than any other night, we knew it was for us!
Winner of best cheesecake in New York goes to.... Carnegie Deli. Ok, now let's discuss this. Carnegie Deli, as a deli, is a tourist trap. The sandwiches really aren't that fantastic, but you go for the experience. Their sandwiches are GINORMOUS, but what really is the most delightful part of it all was the cheesecake... it was pure ambrosia. Topped Juniors plain cheesecake. I have had people call me crazy, but it's true. Future advice: go to the deli, not for the deli, but the cheesecake.
Wednesday, Jocelyn flew in. We went ice skating at rockefellar center. It was like, another dream come true! I was falling all over the place. Afterwards, we had another trip to Serendipity.
The plaza hotel... one of the many things I remember from watching home alone 2 as a child!
So, the main reason of my trip to New York. My favorite movie of all time made it to Broadway, Newsies. We were there for the first preview night. It was AWESOME! They changed the storyline up a bit, but all of our favorite songs and dancing was still in it. I absolutely loved it. It's only on Broadway for three months, and when I found that out, that's when I knew I had to get to New York and I wasn't going to wait any longer.
Many summers growing up, I woke up and watched the today show. I had to get to the today show. My friends didn't necessarily want to go, so I went by myself and saw good old Al Roker and Matt Lauer!
After I saw the today show, I took a subway to battery park and waited in line for an HOUR to get on a boat to see the statue of liberty. My friends didn't want to go to this either, so I had no problem going by myself. When I got to the island, I literally ran off, ran to take a picture, and ran back to the boat before it left again.
We went to the infamous FAO Schwarz (another home alone 2 location) and played on the big piano. Kathy Roskelley would be so proud!
I've never been to a NBA game until this year. I've been going to lots of Jazz games, and we couldn't miss the opportunity to go to a Knicks game with all of this "Linsanity" going on! First time at Madison Square Garden, the place was huge, and very spacious (as opposed to energy solutions arena...)
And, oh here we are. St. Paticks day in front of the St. Patricks Cathedral. It's insane how much New York goes all out for this day. Everyone, everyone is in green. There was a huge parade going up 5th avenue, and I had never seen more fireman in my entire life. It was seriously like 10 minutes of fireman walking in the parade, and then something else would walk back, and 10 more minutes of firemen. Families were watching the parade, and then you had your drunk teenagers walking around being ridiculous hiding their alcohol. That night we saw more of the older crowd going out to bars- and there is seriously an irish pub on every block. All the bars were packed, it was crazy!
We did so many other things like radio city music hall, carnegie hall, lion king, top of the rock, nbc studio tour, the moma, phantom of the opera, had some amazing chicken and waffles in harlem, central park, etc. I left New York without any regrets, I did all I went to do. I fulfilled my lifelong dream, and didn't wait around for anyone to do it for me. I did it myself, and I had great friends that decided to come in on the fun. We had a lot of fun, and made lots of memories. One of my favorite sayings from the week is, "When you're in New York, BE IN NEW YORK!" Reminding us to not let this fun time just slip us by, to remind us to not have any regrets and to take complete advantage of where we are. I often said that to my friends while they were distracted by some text or news, and they reminded me of that when I was involved in emails from my internship.

We're only into the third month of the year, and I've surprised myself beyond belief with the things I have accomplished and what lies in my future. It's amazing how much I've grown and continue to learn from everything I experience. I have been completing my new year resolutions, and will continue to do so by living, being spontaneous and fulfilling some of my life long dreams.

Nothing will ever get done without any effort. That's why I'm making a special effort this year to make things happen. This is a GREAT year.

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  1. So when it comes to first-ever trips to killed it. I give you an A+ for your itinerary. Other than maybe a Daily Show taping, you did pretty much everything that you should've and more. Let me know when you head out there the next time, I'll come along.