Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is it about IN-N-OUT?

Growing up in California, IN-N-OUT is an icon. A lot of people just don't understand why people who love IN-N-OUT the way they do, and this is just to help explain it a little bit.

I worked at IN-N-OUT for 2 years in high school, and not once have I got sick of eating there.  Time and time again, when asked where they would like to eat, Californians have more often than not responded with the following, "Let's go to IN-N-OUT!"

It's no surprise to see famous people come into IN-N-OUT frequently and that it has also made appearances on TV shows such as, "The O.C." During my time at IN-N-OUT, I was able to see Shawn White, Phil Mickelson, Tony Hawk, Esther Snyder, and we also made the burger for President George W. Bush once!

Why is this so? How is it that one food chain can have such a big meaning within a culture? It's the place we went on Saturday for lunch, it's the place we went after my sisters bridal shower, and after my other sisters wedding ceremony. I had to work one Christmas Eve (we were only open until 9pm) and some of my family members came in wearing santa hats, singing songs, and surprised me while I working. Yes, it has even been Christmas Eve dinner... for a number of years.

It's where we went after stake dances to get a late-night bite, it's where we stopped to get food on road trips and it's where we went when school got out early (or maybe we ditched a period to go there for lunch.) For me, it's my late night eatery. Anytime after any event at night, my immediate thoughts are, "let's go to IN-N-OUT!"

In 2007, I was living in Provo going to school. Chadders had just opened in American Fork. Chadders was the new "IN-N-OUT of Utah", since IN-N-OUT hadn't made it here yet. The news covered the opening of the store, the line was over an hour long when it first opened. Everything about this place copied IN-N-OUT, I noticed it all from the big safety pins, to the way they wrapped their burger, to the "chadder style" to the wallpaper. What happened? IN-N-OUT saw their market in Utah, sued the company, and then came to Utah to make me happy.

I grew up going to IN-N-OUT, it's kind of like "the hop." We have a sense of loyalty to this place for always being loyal to us. It's not just another "fast food" chain. We pride ourselves that it's West Coat made, it's fresh, that it's always a great experience going to IN-N-OUT, and that it just brings pure happiness and joy.

IN-N-OUT Fun Facts
-In-N-Out is not a franchised company.
-In-N-Out has scriptures on all of their bags, trays, and wrappers.
-In-N-Out used can takes requests from 3x3's to 8x8's. Before 2006, you could order a 100x100 (100 patties, 100 cheese), but because of quality issues, they made a policy that 8x8 is the most they would do for one burger (since they time the patties by rows and slap down 8 patties in a row on the grill).
-If you drive thru the drive thru without ordering at the speaker, you're considered a "home run".
-In-N-Out is family owned and operated since the beginning of the company. Harry and Esther Snyder created the company (and I met her once in the drive-thru, and have her receipt with her autograph!)
-In-N-Out does have a secret menu consisting of:
Protein Style: Whichever burger you want, wrapped in lettuce vs. a bun.
Veggie Burger: Same burger, just no meat.
Grilled cheese: Burger, no meat, with cheese.
Flying Dutchman: Two pattys, seperated, both with cheese on top. You can request this with grilled onions (and I like eating the sauce with it as well!)
Animal Style: Get this on any burger and you'll get grilled onions, extra sauce, pickles, and mustard is grilled onto the patty.
Animal Style: Get this on your fries and they'll come with cheese, sauce and grilled onions on top. Delish!

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