Saturday, May 12, 2012

What pinterest has taught me

There are some fantastic things about pinterest. Let me correct myself. There are a TON of FABULOUS things pinterest has taught me... here are some of the best tips that I love and will continually use. 

1. Soak your razor in olive oil when not in use. I'm cheap. I use the cheap razors sold in multi-hundred packs from wal-mart. These awesomely cheap razors create hideously gross red bumps on my legs... so much for shaving. THEREFORE, in order to save my legs from cheap razor burns, I soak my razor in olive oil. Granted, it makes for an eye-sore in the bathroom. I'm sure pinterest will come up with a way to secretly disguise this in the bathroom or shower sometime soon. OH OH OH I have an idea! Superglue a soda cup to the side of the shower, with a lid and the razor where the straw is supposed to go so that no water dilutes the oil! OK, it could use some smoothing around the edges. I'm telling you, it's going to be big.

2. Pudding jell-o in your cookies. Ever have the issue where you make AWESOME cookies with DELICIOUS cookie dough (and don't care about that salmonella risk because it is just THAT good) and the next day, oh the next day... the cookies are hard. When I went to culinary school (don't ask me to make you anything, I've forgotten how to do it all) it was OK when cookies got hard, because we ended up using all our baking scraps for "rum balls", basically cake balls but with other baking scraps and rum added to it. (Personally I don't think the rum was really necessary in the first place, and if that wasn't enough to make me not eat them, we made them look like rats.) Pudding jell-o solves all your issues with cookies getting hard. Vanilla pudding for chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding for chocolate chocolate cookies... and vwala! They stay nice and soft. It's sure to work, it's Kelsy-proof! 

3. Music in a mug. Let's be honest. I find myself carrying my laptop all over my apartment with me streaming shows on netflix while I get ready in the morning or cook something in the kitchen. While I can't use this trick to get a louder sound for my laptop (hint: other creative pinterest users should make a pin about how to get laptop sounds louder without having to carry speakers everywhere...), this works awesome for when I want to listen to music. Simply, stick your music device in a glass. WABAM!! Instant speakers. Don't ask me how, physics, gravity, e=mc2 or something like that makes it that way.

4. Organizing purses with shower rings. I honestly had a pile of bags until I discovered this pin. I used the same purse over and over because I couldn't stand the thought of going through the mysterious mix of shoes and bags pile in the corner of my closet. Ever since I used shower rings to hang my bags on, I feel like my life (and legs, if I have been soaking the razor in olive oil) has been touched by an angel! 

5. Honey & Lemon Juice for sore throat. This may not be new to anyone, but for me, a girl who was raised on nasty cough syrup or cough drops in order to get rid of a sore throat- this was a Thanksgiving miracle! I have an issue, when I drink too much water, my throat gets very sore. So, I mix lemon juice and honey, put it in the microwave, give it a stir and it is the most delicious cough remedy known to mankind! AND IT WORKS! It makes my throat feel Not only to mention... I feel kind of cool drinking something else other than hot chocolate from a mug since coffee and tea are not part of my daily routine. Tricky tricky...

Yes. 5. I believe there are only 5 out of the 6 handy dandy tricks I have tried on pinterest that I am currently recommending. Let's be honest, I've made more food from pinterest than I have used some of these awesome tricks. But I mainly posted this because my legs feel FANTASTIC! So I thought I'd throw in a few others. I am bound to use all my other handy dandy pins... someday. Until then... KEEP ON PINNING!

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  1. I've used pudding in my cookies for over 10 years & they turn out fabulous every time!! I have an awesome, easy recipe if you'd like it...