Friday, June 1, 2012

What having a BMW means

Before you mark me with urban dictionary's third definition of a "BMW Douche", please, read on....

I talked with friend about her deadbeat ex. She told me about his unemployment, staying at home playing videos games while she was playing the role of both parents and the breadwinner. She told me how much more over-protective he was of his BMW than her. I asked how he could afford a BMW, if he was just sitting at home playing video games all day. Easy: unemployment checks.

Surprised? Don't be. People who receive unemployment checks can spend it on anything they desire. Will they have money to spend on more important things? ... Doubt it. That's what they have you in a relationship for.

Now, take the mercedes family. Good friends of mine who own a mercedes. This car belonged to a stable and healthy family, with a husband and wife that worked together as a team to put food on the table and for their family to succeed.

The difference between exhibit A, the deadbeat ex and exhibit B, the mercedes family is the mercedes family could actually afford a life along with the mercedes, not just the mercedes and the mercedes alone.

I admire those who make money, and don't feel the need to flaunt it. Don't get me wrong, buying these cars is not a bad thing (if you really truly can afford it.) I'm not condemning expensive things at all, please don't misunderstand me. I do condemn it if you can't afford it and neglect more important responsibilities in life to get it. I know a few people who could easily afford these cars, or nicer, and continue to drive a little ford focus.

Anywho, if any of you think someone of your particular interest has status by owning a beemer, think twice. Anyone can buy a BMW.

Chris's attempt to get approval from Suze Orman.  Why do you think Suze made the decision that she did? What's the difference between you and Chris? If you're considering buying or dating someone with a BMW, does this make you reconsider your assets?

I'm no Mad Men fan, but Jon Hamm puts out a good video blog for teenage girls who ask him questions. And while I'm not distinctly specifying my audience (cough young girls cough), (oh wait, did I just do that?) I mind as well shoot this video out while I'm on my, "girls, stop being ridiculously shallow" blog post... 

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