Sunday, September 25, 2016

Personal Progress: Getting those projects done!

I said in my previous post that I want to make personal progress Wednesday's as the mutual nights the girls run to complete their projects and experiences - not to just come so they can pass something off. We're not quite there, yet, but we're getting there.

Personal progress night this past week was an easy activity to put together. I found a list of potential projects that the girls could do, and wrote every one of them on a 3x5 note card. The cards were taped to the wall. I chatted with the girls for a few minutes, and then had them look at the projects on the wall. They wrote down a list of every single one of those ideas that interested them. Then they were to choose one that they wanted to complete as a project and write the steps they would take to carry it out and had a leader sign off on it. The items listed work as custom experiences as well as projects, and were able to get ideas for multiple projects covering all of the values.

Every one that attending chose a project, made a plan and got approval to get started on it. The caveat is that they need to finish the experiences in the related value they are working on before starting that particular project.

The question is... will it work? Will I have girls finish a value and receive at least one ribbon sometime soon??

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